Fake Friends

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fake Friends

let's talk about David, Aaron and Sylvia for a second.
these "people" are Stella's "friends"
i don't believe they are ghosts because luckily i've never sat on them, or had to set the table for them, but they are for sure, NOT real people.  they are completely fake.
Aaron and David have been around for quite some time now.
here's the deets on them:
**they live in Waterloo.
**their age changes all the time.  sometimes they are 1, sometimes they are 5.  sometimes 2.  they have never been older than 5.
**they have a sister.  she's a BIG reason they can never come anywhere.  i asked if they were coming to her birthday party and she said 'no, they are with their sister.'
**they go to target A LOT.  ha.  the only time Stella usually talks about Aaron and David is when she's talking on her phone to them.  and i will ask her 'oh what are Aaron and David doing today/tonight?'  'they're at target.  with their sister."  oh yes, yes, of course.
**and sometimes they are at school.  i guess this is on days when they are 5 and not 1.  but who knows.
so it's always been about Aaron and David.  ALWAYS.  even the other day my sister was talking about her old boss David and Stella stopped her mid sentence and said, 'hey, no David's my friend!'  ha.
last week we were driving home from Connie's and Stella started talking about her new friend, Sylvia.
it took me FOREVER to figure out what she was saying her new friends name was.
finally i said, Sylvia??, in the most confused voice ever - and Stella replied with an extremely thankful, my god mom i've been saying that forever, YES!
so, welcome to the family Sylvia.
the deets on Sylvia.
** Stella met her at Tequilas.
**she is five.
**she lives in Sparta.
**and she has a baby at her house.  which is the reason why she can't ever go anywhere.  and why she couldn't come to the birthday party.  because she has a baby at her house.
considering Stella has never been to the tequilas in Sparta and i don't know a single five year old named Sylvia  this is in fact another fake friend.

when i posted to FB a few days about about Sylvia people were sharing all of their kids stories.  and oh my goodness they are too funny!!
**my cousin said her brother used to tell people he had three black elephants living in his closet.
** Terri's kids had Zach.  whom she had to always set the table for.
**another girl commented and made me feel better by saying her daughter had multiple fake friends at one point too.
**Erin's daughter had Bucky, but he's gone now.  and if she asks her daughter about her she looks at her mom like who the heck is Bucky.  ha.  that's hilarious!!
**and my sister's boyfriend's brother (you follow that right?) had a friend with the best name yet Cousin John Brother.  bahahaha.

so please - comment and let me know i'm NOT alone.  and if you have a story, please share!!  oh man they crack me up!  i understand these fake friends are completely normal and it just goes to show my daughter has a great imagination, but i have a LOT of names to keep track of.  damn, we just got Abbie back and she's been called the wrong name multiple times already.  heck, i even call my kids Abbie sometimes.  let alone adding Aaron, David and now Sylvia.  ayi yi yi.


Adrien said...

Oh yes, we've had MANY fake friends. I can't even remember all of their names, but the latest ones are Jessica and Annabelle. They came from our church nursery, apparently. :) I love it! Imaginary friends crack me up!

Kimberly Nagel said...

This is hilarious. Kayden doesn't have any fake friends yet. He talks about fake things that him and his real friends do though....so thats almost the same. just the other day Kayden and Landon were working ... yea working... they work down the road from Ideal. They delivered us some boxes and helped us put them away and then we drove to fast and they arrested us and put us in jail. but told me not to cry because they have pickles and hot dogs there. I asked how long I will be in jail and he said ... 'mom... youve been bad. who knows'... yikes.

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids, but this story is funny & great. Stella has such an imagination! I think I might have had fake friends when I was little...but they never had a back story like Stella gives her friends. :)

Kim Luke said...

I had one. Everyone in my family knew about her because everywhere I went, she went. There was ALWAYS a open chair next to me because that's where she was, and if i ever got in trouble..it was her fault.

Landon started talking about a kid named Jason for awhile. But when I ask him where Jason is, he doesn't want to talk about it. Assuming they had a falling out. lol
I think it's great! I love when kids have an imagination! watching them play just warms my heart!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I used to have an imaginary friend named Michael. One day my parents shut him in the car door and I FREAKED out! Oh... the imaginations of kids!

Michelle Haake said...

I had Henry growing up and he used to swing with me a lot, on our red swingset, and he lived in the tree behind out house. It was pretty cool. That's all I remember.

Katie said...

I never had any "fake friends" but Jake's sister apparently had 2 "friends" until she was 5...they went everywhere with her. She even made her cousin climb a tree once because one of them was stuck in it. Then she randomly stopped talking about them one day and when her parents questioned her about them she said they were hiking and a bear attacked them. She's always been pretty creative :)

sblind2 said...

I never had one ... neither did Emma, but all I can say is "DROP DEAD FRED DID IT!!" (please tell me you've seen the movie ... if not that made no sense) lol

Anonymous said...

Sylvia is quite the name choice. hahah

Kacie said...

I love this! She cracks me up! My mom said I had an imaginary friend....but I don't remember a thing :)

bailey j said...

I remember having imaginary friends..when I was even older than that. I know one was Jill..I can't remember the other one. I even had a house in my town where I said they lived lol

smk053078 said...

Oh girl, you are NOT alone! My oldest had friends named, Aggie, Noona, Husband and Poppy the Clown. The stories she would create killed us!! My youngest didn't really have "fake" friends. Kid are the best entertainment!!