Weekend Wrap Up - 3rd Birthday Style

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - 3rd Birthday Style

i'm pretty sure i'd raise my hand if i got asked to be stella for the weekend.
my word - i think she had a pretty awesome birthday!
ps - Anna at Creative Bent as done is again.  stella's three year session is posted.
www.creativebent.net, click on children and families, proofing, password is stella3
grab some tissues - they are amazing!!  thank you anna, from the bottom of my heart.
a huge thank you also to everyone who wished miss stella a happy birthday and helped make every part of it special.  she is one loved three year old!
let's start with friday - birthday party at connie's, mcdonald's happy meals with nana.  right now at mcdonald's they are giving away hello kitty's in the happy meals.  there's one that is of HK painting.  and that's the one stella got - freaky right.  needless to say she was pumped!
saturday was birthday day!  her bedroom was covered in streamers and she LOVED it.  of course she prefers to call it, her car wash.  ha.  which makes sense.  and is totally hilarious.
of course we headed to CK for birthday breakfast with papa!!
once we got home there was a special delivery for the birthday girl.....
BALLOONS from aunt lacie and phil!  she was so excited.  seriously - kids love balloons.  i might just start sending them to every kid i know on their birthday.  however, dogs do not like balloons.  abbie wasn't pumped.  ha, sorry ab.
later that day we headed to Build A Bear.  let's note that this is only the second time my kids have ever been to the mall.  i know i know.  but i have a huge crowd problem and i think i'm going to lose a kid.  ha.  i know.  anyways, homegirl LOVED Build A Bear.  and i seriously got by with the cheapest B-A-B ever!  she didn't want her to have shoes, clothes, bows for her ears, nothing.  i asked her and she looked at me like mom, cats don't wear clothes.  ha.  ok sister, got it.  we even had three sales associates try to help her.  she was like no, leave my naked cat alone!  lol.
so welcome to the family Cat, the kitty.
of course only our imaginary friends have legit names.  our stuffed animals don't.
later that night daddy came by and picked up S&H for some ice cream and presents at his house.  and it gave me a nice hour to get the house cleaned and ready for the party.  once they got back we sang happy birthday (again), watched some Daniel Tiger and called it a night.
sunday was PARTY DAY!!  we spent all morning getting everything ready and everyone was in a great mood.  nana came over to help cook some food and set up.  thank you nana!
some party details - papa made some awesome shirts for the kids to wear while painting, we had purple drink (ha), and lots of purple details!  around 1:30 all of our guests started showing up!!
everyone LOVED it.  ahhhh - seriously 12 happy kids!  it was awesome.
i would highly recommend Becky with Drinks and Designs to anyone wanting to have a painting party.  she kept everything so clean.  she's awesome with the kids!  she didn't leave a single bit of a mess behind.  no joke she left and it was like there was never a painting party there!!
most of the little artists :)
12 kids on a couch with glitter canvas' - ha that's an extremely hard task!
we sang happy birthday, opened presents and played.  seriously it was perfect!!
and for the first time in three years stella didn't cry while everyone sang happy birthday to her.  proud mommy moment!!  even after everyone got done singing she looked at me and said, 'i didn't cry mom!'
thank you again to EVERYONE who came and helped and make this day perfect.  we love you all SO much!!


sblind2 said...

Awe - so sweet! LOVED the birthday pics from CB - where did you get Henry's jeans from?

Katie said...

:) The painting party was such a good idea and the shirts your dad made smart thinking that man!!

Does your house look like a glitter bomb went off in it?!

Sarah Davis said...

Looks like Stella had a great party.


Adrien said...

Love it! It looks like the kids had a GREAT time, which is what counts! I love that Stella pointed out that she didn't cry, haha. You know you have a big girl when they recognize those kinds of things! Great job with the party, and great idea!

Jamie said...

She is sooo cute!

Ashley said...

What a fun party!! Sounds like she is incredibly loved, and had a wonderful time. Happy late Birthday Stella :)

Holly Higgins said...

That is such an awesome creative idea!