Deep In The Heart of Texas

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deep In The Heart of Texas

well, no turning back no.  they're on the road to texas.
this beauty showed up at mom's last night.  ugh.
nothing says - hey baby wana move to texas with me - like this!  especially when your boyfriend is sending you Hey Tells while he's driving and acting like he's a truck driver.  yes Phil, your secrets out.  lol.  you are weird.  10-4.  ha.  so besides the uhaul - i wake up this morning to find this on my instagram.
ok wait - i promise i didn't get up at 9:43.  i just took this on my phone.  promise.  i hope my boss doesn't read this.  so yeah - cut straight to my heart.  looks like we need to save up some money for an airline ticket!  because 11 hours in a car with S&H.  lawd i better bring me a box of hair color along.  or get each of them an ipad.  or better yet just buy henry a new carseat.  homeboy's FAVORITE thing to do on long car rides is just blow his diaper.  awesome.  the clean up.  the smell.  oh it's my favorite.  stella never did this - i swear it's JUST boys.  just warming me up for when they grown up. and poop ALL the time.  wait - how did we go from being sad they are moving to texas to poop.
back to the move..... so last night we again, ate our feelings at dicarlos with mom and DQ with dad and pam.
and now i will do the most appropriate sister thing ever and send them picture messages ALL the time of all the good stuff they are missing here.  ha.  so don't mind me when all my instagram pictures tag them two.
we have a love hate relationship.  always have, always will.
SO - did i cry?!  i have.  no ugly parenthood or biggest loser cry, that's for sure.
i think i teared up the most watching them hug S&H goodbye.  ugh.  that was hard.  lacie didn't want to stop hugging them.  it's going to be hard to tell stella we can't just go over to nana's to see lacie and phil.  but we can facetime ALL the time.  so yay!
so we will take this picture and frame it and count the days until their first trip back.  49 to be exact.  that's NOTHING people - nothing.  we kept our morning routine today like it's any normal day, and  we will continue sharing toothbrushes (we can send you guys one from our grab bag if you want!) and life as we know it will stay the same.  i promise those aren't crying puffy eyes in that picture on the left.  that's it's too damn early eyes.  or i need coffee eyes. or why son did you wana party at 4:00 AM eyes.  ok MAYBE a few tears eyes.....
good luck lacie and phil.  don't get married down there or do anything crazy.  don't bring us back a texas baby either.  i'm not ready for that, nor do i think you are.  i mean unless a texas baby comes with a texas accent.  that'd be fun!  and remember you two can't get married until your 30 anyways.  oh yeah and PLEASE don't come back saying y'all and all that weird shit.  talk normal.  ok?  and lacie if you start chewing - you're out of my will.  no joke.
lacie - relax.  breath.  you will find a job quick and it will all work out.  remember that there's give and take in every relationship.  make phil put the toilet seat down.  and make him take the small side of the closet.  even though we know homeboy has a ton of clothes.  oh yeah and PLEASE send me a picture of all the deer heads you unload.  i need a good laugh.
phil - let lacie have her freak out.  because she will have it, we all do.  it's just because we are SO damn independent.  but just keep reminding her that it's ok.  we have a hard time accepting help from others, so don't push it.  just always be there for her.  oh yeah and good luck with that job down there.  you BETTER take the first offer to move back to STL.  GOT IT!
we love you and wish you the best!!  safe travels.  xoxo


Emily said...

Awwww...this made ME tear up. =(

Adrien said...

Forty-nine days - you can do it!! Last hugs are always so hard, I know. I have four siblings, and my only sister is leaving for bootcamp in June - then who knows where she'll end up. Ugh....

Kasey said...

This so made me tear up, just because I am so close with my family and I know that moving that far away would be so so hard for me.
BUT, I live in Texas and I can say I definitely think you should visit....I bet you'd enjoy it :) 11 hours isn't really too bad of a drive if you decide to do a road trip every now and then....and it's usually A LOT cheaper than flying :):)

Meagan said...

So sweet, I LOVE your "letters" to them!!

Kim Luke said...

holy tears!! I think I'm a little overly emotional today because I started tearing up on like the 2nd line of reading this.
Best of luck to Lacie & Phil!!! <3

ps. oddly, i think you look super cute in that right picture of you and Henry brushing your teeth! lol

lovie you!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

TEARS... love your relationship with your family. Change is hard and lordy have you been through some changes lately.

You are the sweetest without a doubt! It makes me wish I had some sisters. I have 3 brothers and all I would get is a punch in the arm and I'll see ya later turd. HA! You'll be seeing them before you know it and it will be the BEST time EVER!!! Keep smiling.... :-)

keepingupwithkristen said...

This def. made me sad. I know you're sad to see your sissy go. But this is a huge step for her and her boo!

And Lacie, there is nothing wrong with saying ya'll! Guys love that shiz (not that you have to impress any). Ya'll have fun in TEXAS!!

Laura said...

That is the nice thing about social media & other techy shit. There is always a way to "see" someone, even when they are far away. & I agree 110% that 11+ hrs in a car with 2 little ones would suck. & my boys had the blow out thing too. Well Tad did it when we went to Colorado 2 years ago. & there is nothing like cleaning up shit everywhere in a rest stop bathroom. Classy...

Brothers said...

Wow Cassie I think I even had a tear! You will see them soon and I know you will talk to Lacie all the time! God Luck Lacie you are a great worker and will have a job in no time! Good Luck today!