Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

so you know that time i got ALL excited for a girls weekend in Nashville and then day two of the trip i get the FLU.  oh.em.gee - DEATH.  that's how i felt.  i tried my best to be a trooper but i got to the point where even just standing made me miserable.  Friday i had a blast!!  and the rest of the weekend was fun, don't get me wrong, but i'm calling for a do-over girls.  PLEASE!
friday me and S&H met kim and L&L for breakfast at CK before we left.  and i don't know if that's where we got the bug or not, but later that night henry started puking and landon wasn't feeling good either.
but we were five hours away so all we could do was FaceTime and ask Nana to bring over lots of gatorade!
the five hour drive (that we made in four and a half hours, duh) was a breeze.  ahhhh - we were getting more and more excited the closer we got!  we found the hotel and immediately set up our mini bar.
yeah - that's JUST what kim and i brought!!
oh and kim - well she packed enough for all FOUR of us girls.  ha.
we showered and got ready to meet two complete strangers that we knew would turn into instant BFFS!  the second they got out of the car we hugged (yes, i know, i hugged too!) and i don't think we stopped talking after that!  we showed them the room and then headed down to the happy hour and for some photo ops.  of course!
amanda - the wildest little grade school counselor i have EVER met.  she has made me KINDA want to break out of my shell.  ha.  girl is a firework!  i love it!!
nikki (or bev, ha) - love her.  she reminds me SO much of myself and kim mixed together.  which is SCARY - but so good at the same time.  she's great!!
i think i see a trip to knoxville in our future for a football game for sure!  or vegas.  regardless they will include tattoos!!
the rest of the night included too many drinks, me pulling a man's hair that i SWEAR was a wig (whoops), putting bang this stickers on women, dancing our little hearts out, and nikki combing her hair in public places.
saturday morning i woke up thinking this is the worst hangover ever, either that or i was roofied.  but no one else felt as bad as i did.  i was like what in the world - i know i'm not this big of a wuss.  we headed down to breakfast and it happened.  that breakfast wasn't staying in.  and nothing else did the rest of the day.  i trooped it up for lunch and got dressed and we headed downtown at jimmy buffet's.  i think i left the table 7 or 8 times to RUN to the bathroom.  i had no shame.  PTL no one knew me!  we headed back to the hotel for naps, that helped a little bit.  i tried to eat dinner but that didn't taste too hot either.  i managed to put on my hot red pants and get dressed to go out, i ordered at beer at dicks and didn't even take two drinks out of it.  whew.  i think being a trooper was a bad idea.  i should have just stayed in the hotel :(  sorry girls!!!
sunday morning i wasn't feeling ANY better.  things were staying in, but i was in PAIN!  that five hour car ride was BRUTAL.  especially in rain, sleet and snow.  the closer we got to home, the colder and slicker it got.  i pulled in the garage and started a bath ASAP.  i caught a bit of a nap and then was back to being mommy.  which i think the BEST medicine i could have received was seeing these two.
ahhhh - i missed them!
we sucked on gatorade, prayed no one else gets sick and played a ton of slap jack.  stella's new favorite game.  she's a total steibel when it comes to card games.  i like it!  also, she brought out this camo hat claiming that it was phils, and told me to take a picture of her sitting on the back of henry's truck.  she kept saying she's like phil.  ha.  too cute!
so here we are monday.  no one has gotten sick yet, but no one has much of an appetite   say a little prayer for us that stella does NOT get sick and that henry and i are on the up and up.


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

So glad this didn't turn out to be an episode of Catfish!!

So sad that you got the flu bug!! I say redo and I am joining up next time!!

Erin said...

Well I'm glad Friday was a blast at least!!! I'm so sorry you got sick on the weekend partay though, what a bummer!! :(

Anonymous said...

I think everyone I know has gotten sick in the last couple of weeks. My good friend has been sick three times since the beginning of December! Yikes!

Adrien said...

It does sound like maybe everyone was exposed to something while you were at CK. I'm sorry you were sick for your weekend - you should definitely have a redo!

The Pink Growl said...

I hate that you were so sicky!! You were the best trooper ever though. Hope you guys are on the mend now and we can start planning our round 2 girls trip! XOXOX

Kim Luke said...

I had a blast!!
So bummed you got sick!
trip #2 is definitely in the works, as soon as flu season is gone!


Kim Luke said...

ps. you didn't mention getting us kicked out of a cab!?!!? LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad Friday was a good time!! I thought about you guys when I heard that the weather was going to be bad on Sunday. Glad you made it home in one piece though!

Too cute that Stella was saying she's just like Phil :)