Confession Friday

Friday, January 25, 2013

Confession Friday

hello friday.  i was getting dressed this morning, black pants and all just minding my own business.
and then wait - it's not thursday.  it's friday.  where the hell are my jeans?!
on to the confessions.....
ha - totally kidding.  that's not in the plan.  but it has been the plan before.

since i am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets, i confess.... these cuties are heading to a family member near me for valentine's day!  i'm in love.  i hope you are too danielle, lacie and mom!
shop here and use the code HEARTS20 for a discount.

i confess i can't get over this picture.  this was taken SIX years ago.  i don't even look like the same person.
seriously - crazy!  i don't even think my face got that big when i was pregnant.
this my friends is what being freshly 21, without a care in the world and going out drinking with your friends weekly will do to you.  ayi yi yi.  not cute.

i confess.... i do NOT have a green thumb.  this beaut was given to me at work during Christmas time.  i have an office that doesn't have any windows.  so this baby survived a good month on lights and water.  occasionally i'd dump the rest of my cold coffee in there too and hope for the best.
i set this plant out for the cleaning company to pick up and a funny little jokester thought they'd be cute and put it back in my office.
R.I.P. Pointy.  it was a good month we had together......

i confess.... i put on my big girl pants and kicked some debt this week and it feels REALLY good!!

i confess.... i have FOUR MONTHS to buy a house and i'm stressing outttttttttt.
whew - deep breaths, deep breaths.

alright - i'm headed to drown my feelings in some Zia's lasagna.  did you hear that Jessica??  ZIAS!
nom nom nom.
happy weekend!


Katie said...

Four months?!?? Yikes!! Anything good so far?

Sandra said...

I don't have a green thumb either:( But both my parents do. I got jipped! I didn't bring any of my plants in throughout this Texas winter (for the record, it did freeze a couple of times) and most of them survived! I'm so happy.

keepingupwithkristen said...

Watering plants with coffee?! I like your style. At least it lived for a little did better than I would have!

Good luck on the house hunting...can't wait to see the new place!! Have a good weekend, girlfrand. love ya!

Adrien said...

Um, I just saw the PERFECT house for you. Well, it's cute, anyway. :) Did you have something particular in mind?

Adrien said...

This one!

Cassie said...

Adrien I have looked at that house. I LOVE it. However, there's only two bedrooms. Which makes it a little hard. I have checked out the "attic/upstairs" and you can totally make that another bedroom, but I have the anxiety of the kids downstairs and myself upstairs. Ahhhhh.
I really want three bedrooms!!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I can't stop laughing about cold coffee in you plant!!! No wonder the poor thing died!! Too freaking funny!!!


Tina Steibel said...

Can I say hoe much I am already loving my new bracelet, that I dont have yet!!!!


Tina Steibel said...

BTW I want the red one! Im the oldest so I get to pick first.

Nikki said...

YAY kicking debt! we did that this week too!

Laura Darling said...

I have a plant just like that on my desk. It's currently just sitting in the corner totally dead because I'm waiting for a day I work late or come in early to throw it out. That way I don't have to do the walk of shame through the office with my dead plant hah!

Ashley said...

Hope you can find a house real quick, my fingers are crossed for you!