Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

it's birthday week!!  Henry has the big 1-7 months on Wednesday.
papa's half birthday is Thursday.
and miss thang turns the big 3 on Saturday!
i see a LOT of ice cream in our future.  good thing we washed our party shoes this weekend - they are going to get some wear and tear this week!
on to the weekend.....
Friday - i don't know what we did.  we made brownies for Tate's birthday.  and it took everything in our power to NOT eat them until they showed up Saturday afternoon.  no joke.
homegirl LOVES to bake/cook.  she REALLY loves to crack the eggs.  hope no one had a crunch in their brownie, whoops!  anyone need a birthday idea?  possibly an Easy Bake Oven?!  is she too young for that?  i don't really know what age is best.....
Saturday we did A LOT of this:
ahhhhh - it was great.
Aunt Danielle and Tate showed up around 3:00 and at about 3:01 we were cutting into the brownies.  ha.
they brought Stella's birthday present since they won't be able to come this weekend for her real birthday; bath paints, new shoes, a splat the cat book and an olivia book.  homegirl was HAPPY!!  thank you Aunt Danielle and Pastor Tate.  ha!
later that night we headed to tequila's for dinner and then came back home for one too many episodes of daniel tiger.  i don't think Danielle and Tate want to come back for a very long time......
Sunday me and S&H headed to CK to give our guests some piece and quite, and a chance for them to watch some adult TV.  once we got back we headed to church.  lawd we picked the wrong weekend to go.  catholic schools week, an hour and twenty minutes long.  we are totally use to the 55 minute mass.  but i got to witness a girl from my class receive the distinguished graduate award - that was pretty neat!  once we got home i fee like Danielle and Tate RAN out the door.  an hour and a half with my kids in church i think was a little much for them.  oh well, free birth control i guess.
the rest of the day was "No Pants Sunday" for Henry (or NPS as we call it.  i feel this trend will catch on quick).  it included a lot of hide and seek.
someone's isn't very good at this game.  you can hear him giggling from the next room.  too cute heni.
after baths we headed to the Luke's house to burn off some energy and practice our painting skills for the upcoming party.  man these two LOVE to paint.  and i just love the way Stella looks at Landon - she just adores that boy so much!  i believe he's giving me the mother-in-law stink eye already.....
we toasted to a successful night and headed home.
hope everyone had a great weekend!!


keepingupwithkristen said...

You make me laugh. From the "hope nobody had a crunch in their brownie" comment to the babies toasting their sippy cups. Love it all. Looks like ya'll had a good weekend and I say YES on the Easy Bake Oven! The little girl I used to babysit had one when she was around Stella's age and she made it just fine. She's now into making fortunie cookies and cake pops. Not even kidding. What will they come up with next?!

Adrien said...

This was the weekend for brownies! Haha, we had some last night and they hit the spot. :) Love that picture of Landon giving you the stink eye - watch out, mama!

Anonymous said...

Fun weekend!!

Henry playing hide and seek too cute :)

The Pink Growl said...

you have lots of celebrating coming up! yummmm cake & ice cream!

Laura Darling said...

I can never wait to eat something I just baked! That's torture! :) Glad you had a nice weekend!