Confession Friday

Friday, January 18, 2013

Confession Friday

i thought it was Friday a few times already this week.  and trust me i woke up today thinking it was Saturday.  oh how happy i would have been knowing it was Saturday.  but it's not... shit.
this lack of sleep because of the flu and a random day off in the middle has me all kinds of messed up.
so, let's see what else is messed up in my life with my weekly confessions....

i confess.... someone thought they would be funny and make my ever so loyal notre dame fan sister feel bad by texting her this picture:
but come on, us Steibels are WAY before the times.  Danielle's been te'oing since 2011.  ha!
don't try to one up us.  it can't be done.  sorry bout cha.

i confess.... Henry now officially sings to Ho Hey.  and i LOVE it.  so proud.
seriously this band is slowly forming.  we totally need to think of a good name......

i confess.... Stella's new word of the week, besides buttcrack, is 'probably.'  she tries in incorporate it into every sentence.  and it makes no sense at all, but it's hilarious.

i confess my new favorite ecard is:
bahaha - did someone hear me say that and make this just for me?

i confess.... - even though I'm not sure if i can officially say it - that Lacie got a job!!
she's working at an RV place in Texas.  lawd does that scream Texas job or what?
i swear when she comes home in march if she's driving a RV i do NOT know her.  ha.
and now all i can think about is the movie Christmas Vacation.

i confess.... we are running out of room in our little duplex!!  ahhhhhhh.
it drives me batty.  i want a house SO dang bad.
or maybe we just need to purge a bunch of shit.  i see a big ass yard sale coming SOON.

i confess.... this little cutie might be coming back to us!!
eeeeeeeeeeeee!!  say a little prayer.

have a great weekend!


Kim Luke said...

Heni's band has to have the name Hank in it. Hank just screams "im a singer" lol

Praying Abbie gets to come home!!! <33

ps. my heart is still smiling from our emails yesterday. seriously!!!

hope to see you this weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

YAY Abbie!!!

The Pink Growl said...

That puppy is beyond precious!! Hope you have a great weekend lover girl! I might be hollering at you on Sunday for moral support :) XOXO

Shannon Snodgrass said...

YAY for getting your pup back. Nothing like some good ole doggie lovin :)

Love the e-card!! Exactly!!!

Kids say the funniest things. You never know what's going to come out. Buttcrack?? Hilarious!!!

Girl, I have some SERIOUS OCD and my house is driving me nuts! This weekend is a major get rid of the clutter cuz momma needs some organization before I go loco someone!! HA!

Beth said...

That e-card is the best! And you tell Stella that buttcrack has been one of my favorite words since the 3rd grade. Since I'm almost 30, I'm guessing it's permanent.

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I want to blow that ecard up and carry it aroud with me at all times!!

Happy Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

How does Danielle not kill you,

Kacie said...

Literally laughed out loud thinking of Lacie driving home in an RV!!