My Son's the Next Bieber

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Son's the Next Bieber

yesterday i took PTO.
we got internet and cable.  or "internets" as Stella calls it.
internets and Daniel Tiger.  anyone else's kid obsessed with this show? it's on PBS.
i just recently learned of it.  i thought she was saying Danielle's Tiger.  i was like what are you talking about homegirl?!  shit you did spend the weekend at Danielle's when i went to Chicago, does she have a tiger?  you need to tell me these things Stella Ann.  ha.  anyways,  now it's taking up my DVR.  hey - as long as it's not Barney.  i'm one happy mommy.
it's enough my awesome BFF got my son a barney for christmas that sings the I Love You song.  SMH BFF.  you just wait!  ha.
anyways - don't get me wrong i love me a good day with S&H.  but there's SO many reasons i'm not a SAHM.  my OCD is one of them.  i swear i pick up the house 34298098 times a day.  i mean i do this on the weekends non-stop, but i couldn't imagine seven days a week.  so SAHMs without OCD - help me, teach me.  lol.
but man the three of us totally needed a break day yesterday.  and it felt good!!
after the HTC people came we headed to Creative Bent for Stella's 3 year old session.
ummm - when did she get so big?   there she is with that straight hair again.  too cute.
and oh my gawd.  i just love that damn anna to pieces.  i let her take full reign.  i was reading their blog and that was something she recommended.  don't try to be up your kids ass telling them what to do.  the photographers do this DAILY, they know what they are doing, let them do their thing.  and my gawd am i glad i did.  i can't WAIT to see the pictures!!
the brother and sister pictures - my word.  let's hope they turn out.  if they do they will be cute.  if not, they will look a lot like this.  anna had to remind stella to give her brother, "soft" hugs.
poor heni.  lol.
henry on the other hand broke out in his favorite boy band song.  just watch.....
here he is at the beginning of the song.  talkin' all sweet.  trying' to win that girl over, walking slowly towards the camera.  lookin' all studly.  i mean seriously heni - you have it going on.
op - drop to his knees.  looks up at her with those bluest of blue eyes.  moving that hand to the side getting all into this jam.  i can just hear the line now, something about this girl is the one, she's so fly.
uh oh - talking about how she's breakin' his heart.
ain't nobody breakin' my boys heart.
gah - look at that face.  boy knows how to make them weak in the knees.
finishing it off with something like this.  i can't determine if it's a thrust/chest bump/idk.
it better not be him trying to rip his shirt off to show the ladies his body.  
your momma taught you better than that henry george!
ha - and there you have it.  sister on the guitar, henry on the dance moves.  watch out world!


Kim Luke said...

Bahaha. Sorry I'm not sorry. Heni LOVES Barney. Only the best for him! :)

I love Stella's hug pictures. Lmao!! Soft Hugs Stella! I can't wait for our pictures next Saturday!! <3

Katie said...

hahahaha Henry!!! Too funny. The one of him on his knees with his arms crossed hahah too stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh these pictures are too darn cute! :)

That's What She Read said...

Gosh, Hank looks so grown up!!

Tina Steibel said...

wait a minute, were these Stella's pictures or Henry's? I love the commentary!

Erin said...

Would you be mine, could you be mine oh wont you be my neighbor?!?! Did you watch when you were little?!

The Pink Growl said...


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Too stinkin' cute!!!

TorontoRunner said...

New to your blog!! Oh my GOSH, how ADORABLE are these two?!?! I can't even handle this, so cute!