Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

if i need anything to catch your attention for my always so exciting weekend wrap ups is this:
a house i had my sights set on sold.
and while waitressing at CK i spilt an entire drink or someone.
please let me know if you can top that for a weekend.....
so the house - major bummer.  it was the PERFECT location for grade school and high school.  BUT there's another opportunity out there for a different house.  that's completely move in ready so we will see.
and the spill - ha, i paid for the guys food.  he was a great sport.  in fact his son's girlfriend sitting at the table with him admitted to spilling a cup of water on a baby one time.  after hearing that i didn't feel as bad.
it was a good run of 10 years at CK without anything like this happening.  i've never dropped food on anyone or anything.  oh well, it was bound it happen, right?
moving on to the weekend
friday night i worked at ck.  the rest of the night was just chill and exactly what i needed.
saturday i slept until almost 9:00.  man it was nice.  and then i got a wild hair up my ass to work out.  or maybe it was the wild hair to go and put on my swimsuit.  or knowing that i have to go to the girl doctor today and that i will have to get on the scale.  so i dug through some dvds and found Jillian's 30 Day Shred and did that.  At Level 1 - and I'm STILL sore.  i also did a plank and it took every ounce of everything in me to even make it to 1 minute.  Ayi yi yi.  Come on warm weather we need to get outside and walk!
after i about died - i cleaned up and headed to waterloo to run some errands.  i think i have everything for stella's purple birthday party and i'm super excited!!
later that afternoon i met up with kim, kimberly and amy to go downtown for the blues game!
we had a freaking BLAST!  all moms.  all ready to have a good time.  it was great!
here we are throwing up the gangster MOM sign.  get it?  ha - horrible, we know.
and the blues WON!  mah-jorly!  seriously everyone was in a great mood and it was a blast!
we finished off the night with some white castle.  ugh - sounds so bad, but was SO good.
sunday morning i was back to CK.  it was SO busy which was great.  and then the whole drink thing happened and it was just bad.  luckily i had plans to leave at noon for my cousin's baby shower.
danielle was at my house when i got off and so were S&H.  YAY!!
we all got dressed and headed to the shower.  henry was the only guy there.  STUD.
stella LOVED playing with her cousins Tessa and Avery.  or as Stella refers to them as "Tessa and Angry."  ha.  hilarious.  beth - if you are reading this, she wants them to come to her birthday party!  she hasn't stopped talking about them :)
after the shower we headed home, said our goodbyes to aunt danielle, i thanked her 3984320948 times for doing my honey-do list (seriously, you need to consider that Hey Bitch company).
the rest of the night was spent LOVING on this little baby - ABBIE!!!
ignore her crazy eyes.  it was the red eye correct on my phone.  i promise she's not possessed.
ahhhh - we LOVE having her back.  and i think she LOVES it too.  yay!!
hope everyone had a good weekend!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

That little glitter cardi is soooo freaking cute!!!

I am dying over the spilled drink...that is a reason I have never waitressed I would soooo spill stuff ALL the time!

Kim Luke said...

I had a drink spilled on me once. I was 5. I will never forget it. lol

love our mom gang sign. cracks me up! i had so much fun!!!

Stell looks so adorable (and grown up!!!!)

Adrien said...

Yeah, I would never make it as a waitress. I'd probably come home and cry every night, haha. I think it's awesome that you went 10 years without something like that happening! I'm SO ready for walking weather, too! I'm sure we'll see you out and about this Spring/Summer. :)