Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

i think it's fair to say the three of us could have slept til noon today.
whew - we had a busy weekend!
let's link up here and then get started....
friday just wasn't my day.
besides the fact that it was one month since the big D, my kids were in rare form.  ok, just Stella.
Henry's perfect.  all the time.  and after this weekend he is officially my favorite child.
ok i'm only kidding i don't have a favorite but sister was pushing it this weekend.
we got into town and needed to drop some stuff off at ck.  we grabbed dinner there and chatted with Kim for a bit.  Stella was getting too silly then.  like the bad silly.  then we went to nana's to change clothes and head to see Santa.  homegirl wasn't cooperating at nana's either.
we get in line to see Santa and she only wants to be held.  really girl you are almost three.  everyone is getting great shots of their kids and i am thinking this is too good to be true.  good thing we took some selfies in line......
it's out turn and chaos.  homegirl wouldn't sit on santa's lap.  i even sat on his lap with Henry and nothing.  nothing.  crying.  saying 'no no no' over and over.  Henry was fine as long as mommy was holding him.  he didn't really cry.  however we didn't get a picture.  i don't even know if she even told him what she wanted.
but then the second santa hands over a little treat bag for her, she turns off the tears, tilts her head to the side and give him her little 'i'm so cute, thank you' smile.
you have GOT to be kidding me girlfriend.  not cool!
needless to say those treat bags when straight into the truck along with her new favorite cell phone she got from st. nick..  mommy wasn't pumped.  mean mommy?  i don't know.  regardless what she did in there was a complete SHOW and i wasn't a fan of it at all.  being scared is one thing.  being fake is another.  ugh.
we called it a night EARLY.  no chocolate milk before bed.  no barney.  just a serious talk about how someone needs to tell Santa she is sorry or else he WON'T come to her house.
saturday was a new day and starting your day off with CK breakfast is always a good thing.
and of course she turned the charm back on and Kim took her to help cook.
dang her and being so darn cute.  lol.
but Henry and i were cool with it.  we literally got to sit in the booth by ourselves for a good ten minutes.  it was kinda nice.  i like me some mommy and Henry time.  once the food was ready we chowed down and then headed back home to chill.
Henry discovered that he can use the step in the bathroom just like sister and was loving looking at himself in the mirror.  my kids love their self.  no idea where they get that from.  lol.
i mean seriously son - you are TOO dang cute!!  and you look so grown up here!!
aunt Lacie called us for lunch and we joined her.  then everyone zonked out for a good two hour nap.
we headed to church and then later to a Pin Party at the Luke's house.  the kids to adults ratio was 5 to 4.  so it was a zoo.  but we managed.  just give the kids some paint and they are quiet!  it was awesome.
it was a long night of crafts and good food and happy babies.  i'm kind of a huge fan of these nights.  let's do this more often ladies.
sunday everyone slept in.  Henry and i were up by 7:30 but sister slept until almost 9:00.  boom!
once everyone was up we headed out to Faye's 1st birthday party.
and we got to take home these adorable owl party favors!  nice work Kendra!
Henry wasn't too wild at the birthday party but when we got home he immediately had a no pants party in sister's baby doll stroller so it made up for it i think.  lol.
later aunt lacie and phil came over to eat dinner and then we headed to see the lights at the shrine.  Stella asked 231898 questions and Henry just slept.
wild children i have here.  lol.  once we got home we put in a movie and next thing i knew i woke up still on the couch at 11:30 with S&H.  i put them in their beds and no one moved until my alarm with off this morning.  whew - we're ready for a relaxing week!


Sarah said...

looks like you guys a had a great weekend! My sister was EXACTLY like little miss! I think she started out scared but eventually was just putting ona show at the mall!

How cute is henry?? I literally cannot get over it or that facts that he doesn't like pants! I mean who does?? So overrated :)

happy monday doll!!

Kim Luke said...

omgosh! look at Lay reaching for me in that picture of us!! LOL! poor kid. All she wanted to do was get into EVERYTHING. haha

The Pink Growl said...

awww what a great weekend full of cute pictures of your little kiddos! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

We didn't even bother with Santa this year (nor did we last year, actually) because I feel like I can see my son getting TERRIFIED and it being too traumatic to watch. Haha. I'm not one of those people who can look at a crying Santa picture and laugh, I feel so bad for the poor child! ;)

Stopping by from the link up!

Meagan P said...

How exciting! Looks like y'all had a great weekend. Stopping by from the link up and I love your page. Hope you get your relaxing week :)

keepingupwithkristen said...

I think Henry and I would get along great -- I don't like pants either! You definitely had a busy weekend...those cute kiddos definitely keep you busy!

If I were closer, I would've brought a margarita or something in a To Go cup to make waiting in like for Santa a little easier!

: ) Hope you had a great Monday, sweet girl!

Laura said...

Ah Santa. I'm so glad we don't do that. I'm sure my kids would be just like Stella. Well at least Tad would be. Gotta love it. We are planning on hitting up the shrine this weekend (I think).