Confession Friday

Friday, December 7, 2012

Confession Friday

hope everyone made it to work ok this morning.  there was some crazy fog.
or in the words of Stella, 'that's a lot of frogs mom.'
i haven't done a confession Friday in fuh-ev-ah so let's get started.

i confess....

i confess.... Stella literally took a present from St. Nick yesterday that was wrapped, shook it and goes, 'it's a movie.'  what?  excuse me?  what just happened here, you are TWO!!
Henry on the other hand opened his presents with his teeth
we better give ourselves an extra hour for present this year, homeboy is in NO hurry........
kinda like last year when Stella would rip off some paper, walk over to the trash can, throw it away, come back rip off some more, go to throw it away....
Stella at one point lost patience in Henry and just decided to start helping him.
she's got no patience - i have NO idea where she gets it from.....

i confess.... the house i want is officially on the market.
ahhhhhhh - again with this thing called patience.  ugh.

i confess.... Stella was doing every one's hair last night.  she did Nana's first, then Lacie's, when it was my turn to sit down she goes, 'you wana beer?'  ha.  ummm why did you only offer that to me?  and - of course!
it was completely pretend beer, but extremely hilarious!

i confess.... i pretty much go and read this post from PLL

i confess.... this website is crazy.  i'm kinda addicted to it.  thanks to my sister from another mister.

i confess.... Stella and Landon did AWESOME at their photo shoot yesterday.
i am kinda excited to see them in print!
Stella was cheesing so much the photographer had to tell her to open her eyes 28277 times.  lol.
we tried getting Henry in on a few but homeboy was NOT a fan....
crying, reaching for momma......

i confess... we are going to see Santa tonight and i am SCARED.
Stella told me last night that she doesn't have to sit on his lap.  Henry can sit on his lap and she will sit on my lap.  ha, ok sweetheart WHATEVER you say.
i have a feeling THIS will probably be the case again this year....
ayi yi yi, say a little prayer for me.....

i confess.... i have Disney fever.  like something fierce.
i have a whole blog post ready to explain it next week.
i never thought i would be that parent.  ever.  but i wana go SO bad!!
a lady at work sent this picture yesterday.  she is there right now.
right now!!  i die.

have a great weekend!
we have a busy one planned - yay!
ps - two weeks until the world ends.......


sblind2 said...

I wish I was more excited about Disney - maybe it's because I know I have to run another half .... :-/

Kim Luke said...

I totally agree with Disney. Maybe in 2014. I want both kids to remember. BUT I have HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fear of losing my kid there. IDK.
xanax before I go!

I LOVE!!!!! that confession page. I can relate to so many of them!

I'm nervous to see what picture they choose. When we left yesterday Landon said "that was not funny mom, I don't ever want to do that again"
Bahahah poor kid. He clearly was not meant to model.

LacyLouise said...

The pic of them with Santa is amazing! hahahaaa

Jackie said...

We are going to see Santa too...Loreli loves Santa so I am hoping she doen't change her mind in the next few hours! LOL

If we see each other...we will have wrapping paper because Santa needs some to wrap Loreli's gifts....she has a whole story for it. Kids..where do they get this stuff!

JanM ♥ said...

There was a crazy fog from where I live too!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Anonymous said...

"it's a movie" hahah so smart!!

Logan use to open gifts by ripping off paper, go throw a small piece away also. Back and forth until they were all open. I just figured it was because he was a Thomas and being a clean freak is in his blood. :)

'you wanna beer?" hahahahahha too funny!

Adrien said...

Good luck tonight! :) Ah, Disney fever...know it all too well, haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Disney is amazing!! Supposedly it's not crowded here, but we got to partake in the grand opening features of Fantasyland (all about Belle and Ariel) amazing, saw Jordin Sparks perform!! We saw awesome parades, and just being able to see the Magic in Ali's eyes, makes it all worth it to me, and we have already decided to come back in 2014!!!