Am I The Only One

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Am I The Only One

holy smokes it's cold today!  25 degrees when we left town.  hello winter - how are you!?
and do you think i grabbed a coat?  absolutely not!
am i the only one.... who owns a good 5 winter coats and hardly ever wears one?
anyone wana buy a coat?
am i the only one.... who gets critiqued on her outfit 30 minutes into work
oh a catholic school girl today - said one person.
are you irish - said another.
you look like a librarian - they just kept coming
do your eyes hurt, why are you wearing your glasses - ummm hello i thought i left my kids who ask 324898 questions a day at the sitters this morning.
clearly i looked pumped about it.  who know the construction industry had so many fashionistas! 

so i got the thinking the other day about things i do as a mom and just as a person.
maybe it was the whole santa incident that got me thinking.  because i honestly thought, am i a bad mom because homegirl acted the way she did?  or am i a bad mom because i know she is a bit scared but she did straight up put on a show and then i punished her for it?  so let's get some things out in the open...

am i the only one.... who doesn't brush her kids hair every morning?
homegirl wants connie (the baby sitter) to do it.  and she comes in looking crazy a good 3-4 days a week.
even a little girl there named elizabeth said this morning, 'stella has crazy hair!'
i mean i know it's just combing her hair but sometimes she throws a fit.  and then i just don't feel like having that fight at 6:45 in the morning.  but then does that make me a push over?

am i the only one.... who is surprised when my daughter started singing "All The Single Ladies" by Beyonce the other day?!?  i mean in fact i was kinda impressed.

am i the only one.... who gets asked 'why?' 73298423098 times a day.
try going to the shrine with your kid and explaining things.
look at that angel up there  - why?
because she's pretty and she looks like she's flying - why?
because angels fly - why?
to go to heaven to see jesus - why?
because that's where jesus lives - why?
because that's where his mom and dad live - why?
because.  just because.  oh look a camel! - why?

am i the only one.... who tells my daughter in church that if she isn't good we are going to go back to the cry room where the scary man sits.  yes there's a guy who sits in there who has an oxygen tank and it FREAKS sister out.  needless to say she usually straightens up pretty quick!  is that mean?

am i the only one.... who has kids who are afraid of the shower?!
when stella was a baby i couldn't take a shower at all.  like screaming bloody murder.  like i was going behind that shower curtain and never coming back.  henry had a little spell with it but as long as i kept the door open and he could come and check on me 318928 times it was fine.  and don't even get me started on trying to take a shower with my kids.  i tried that once.  major fail.  i don't get that whole thing anyways...

am i the only one.... who gives their kids sweet tea?  i mean come on she really doesn't even drink much of it.  so it's really just for me.  but i tried a few times doing the half and half.  sister looked at me like, 'what did you do with my sweet tea?!'

am i the only one.... who feels like i just won the lottery when i find Pontoon on the radio for my kids.
stella gets so excited and says, 'you found it mom!  good job!' and henry is right there dancing along.
and when i find it on the TV we break out the white girl moves!

am i the only one.... who lets my daughter bring all her babies to henry's bathtub show?
didn't even know he had a bathtub show until stella told me.

i have a shit ton more things that i think of about being a mom that make me question myself.
and i'm sure i'm not alone, but sometimes it crosses your mind.
please - tell me i'm not alone and share your crazy antics.


Sarah said...

Literally we are TWINS! I am in the middle of a writing a post on "am i the only one?" that his so FUNNY!!!

And no my sister was TOTAlLY afraid of the shower when she was little. And I so wish I had more tha one winter coat! I only have one currently and I dying for another peacoat! I just need to bite the bullet and pay a little more so it will last and last!

happy tuesday lady!

Laura said...

Goodness gracious girl you are NOT alone. My kids keep me on my toes all.of.the.time. I constantly feel like I'm failing as a parent. And knowing that I always wanted kids, me feeling that way makes me feel, well, pretty crappy. I'm sure it's a phase. Before you know it they will be going to school, graduating, heading to college, getting married, having your grand babies & you will look back & wonder how it happened so fast. Just know that you do what is best for them. Even if that means not brushing their hair every single morning or making sure they have underwear on under their pants. I know there are things I let slide because it's me against them in the morning. I don't have time to fight them. If it works for you then that's all that matters. AND I think your outfit is adorable - You young Irish librarian!!! :)

sblind2 said...

I'm the SAME way about coats ... I love them (have about 4), but unless I'm going to be standing outside I don't see the need for one. Yesterday Brody and I were in and out all day and he didn't even have one on ... "hands in your pockets and hood up" oops ... I mean he had a long sleeve shirt under his hoodie. lol

Adrien said...

I think you have to pick your battles. :) Sometimes just letting things go means less tears. less stress, and a better day. If they're safe, they're fine...and they won't grow up totally messed up because you let a few things slide. That's what I tell myself. You're doing a great job!

Mallory said...

omg, you work in constructioon too? I'm the office manager for a const. company and I'm the only girl. I can't win. If I wear heels one day, I'm dressed up. If I wear jeans the next day, I'm dressed down.
Men! They have no fashion sense as it is!
And today is cold, but yesterday? FREEZING! I left for work and it was 9 degrees. SERIOUSLY? Wow Kansas. Just wow.

The Pink Growl said...

I was thinking that I liked your outfit in that pic! :) People that I work with always comment on my hair anytime I wear it other than straight. I'm sorry I'm the only one here who likes to try new things with my hair. :)

That's What She Read said...

You are officially not the only one, we are partners in crime in the mommy department! Reese refuses to let me put her hair in a pony and the only way I can is if we braid it like Rapunzel's in Tangled. I am going to have to start making notes of all the specific things she insists on! Oh, motherhood!! ;)

Kim Luke said...

I am anal about Layla's hair. Dane will send me pictures of Layla when he is home with her for the day and I swear my response is ALWAYS "awwwwww, now fix her hair" LOL

Landon is at that 435893247 question stage too.
drives me bonkers sometimes!!!!

I think you look cute today! Definitely a librarian look with your glasses too! lol

Kim Luke said...

and love how Stell is rocking the baby while dancing to pontoon! she will make a great mommy someday! lol

Katie said...

Non mom comment....I can't help you out on the 'am I the only one' question. But no coat today??! Really?!! The weatherman said this morning was colder than yesterday morning which made me think Cassie better wear a coat today. NOPE!

Aww I like your Hickey College did you right outfit! :)

When Logan was in the why stage I would answer 2 or 3 whys. After that I would say because I said so. Although my boss says I should not be able to say that since I don't have kids yet. hahah

Kacie said...

All of these cracked me up! Never question what kind of mom you are!! Do you love your kids? Do you do anything and everything to make your kids happy? Both are a hell yes, which in my eyes is an amazing mom!!!
Singles Ladies.....oh Lordy! That's Brent's song! Maybe they can do the dance together. :)

Shannon Page said...

This cracked me up!! Especially the scary man reference...if its wrong to laugh at that then I'm not right!!! Too funny:)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I always say, "this is one crazy life we have but you know, it's OUR crazy life and I love it"!!!

These are the moments you can look back on and shake your head and laugh. Crazy, funny, goofy, silly, insane (at times) memories. The very best of life ;-)

BTW, you look beautiful in green. Heck, you look beautiful in everything!!

Mary Cavalier said...

Who knows how many times my girls went to the sitter without their hair brushed - I wasn't even at home but at work already and Daddy had to take them. I do know he took Katie to church one time in her pajamas when I was working. Heck - they turned out alright. Yours will too.