Random Wednesday - 12 Things

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Wednesday - 12 Things

linking up with Shanna today and spicing it up since it's 12-12-12.
ok not really spicing it up, but here's 12 random things for this special day!

1 - happy birthday to Kendra!  welcome to 26!  give it a few days and you will find a gray.
it happened to me.  i was told a bottle of wine will fix it!
AND how cool is it that Kendra shares a birthday with her daughter.  kinda the best birthday present ever.
so a VERY happy FIRST birthday to baby Faye!

2 - who is thinking about only having to use THREE days of PTO to get SEVEN days off total?!
this girl!!  merry Christmas!

3 - let's talk about sweet, genuinely awesome people for a second.
ms. laura not only is that but crafty too.  she has two boys so when it comes to crafty stuff for girls she lucks out.  good thing her super cute youngest isn't afraid to put on a purple tutu.  lol.
however she was crazy sweet and GAVE it to Stella.
and miss thing who NEVER wears anything frilly AT ALL, worked that tutu last night.
i die!  too cute.  that cheese.  that pose.  oh Stella........

4 - so here i go to laura's thinking i'm picking up this tutu and she surprises me with these adorable crafts too!
ummm - PERFECT for church.  i LOVE them.
fold out race track.  and there's little pockets for the cars to go into!  best idea ever!
fold out drawing/doodle pad.  like PERFECT.
thank you again laura - S&H love them and so i do!  thank you!!

5 - Houston, we have a boy! (of course NOT wearing pants!!)
how brother got up there is beyond me.  but boy did he think it was the coolest thing ever!  lol.
let the climbing begin.  i think this is a thank you to ms. climbing girl Layla.  i think Henry got over his fear this weekend watching her climb on everything!!

6 - it's officially Christmas at work.
someone brought in Dad's cookies.
oh my word they are the BEST.  especially for dunking in your coffee!!
sorry i'm not sorry that i introduced you to these bad boys.  oh em geeeeeee!!

7 - 90s on 9 sirius xm radio + this song
= a for sure dance party on my way home from work!
say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what i don't........

8 - anyone else update to the new instagram?  i kinda love it!

9 - can we all just say a small prayer that the house i want i get.
i'm going with the patience thing plus if it's meant to be it will be there when i'm ready.
please please please.

10 - officially signed, sealed and delivered (ok mailed) our Christmas cards yesterday!
boom.  done and done.
honestly this is big for me considering my procrastination..... 

11 - went online to check out my VS secret rewards cards.
all i got was $10.  ok yes, better than nothing but honestly does anyone really ever get the $500 one?

12 - well i'm out of random things, coffee and dad's cookies - happy Wednesday!!


Kim Luke said...

Why didn't I get a VS rewards card?!?!? Do you have to have a angel card? I have $350 worth of swimsuits in my cart saved. damnit! I need that $500!! lol

We have dad's cookies at my work everyday! We order them by the cases and give them away to customers. I'll sneak you a bag!

Lovie Stella in the tutu! SOOO excited to see her in frillies! ;)

Sandra said...

Those 3 PTO days are tempting! I thought about it for a while but keep telling myself to let them rollover for a vacay. I still need to check how much I got on the VS card! Is there a link to check it on their website or did you have to checkout? That site is blocked here at work and I always forget to get online at home.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kendra & Faye!!

We have a customer that brings us Dad's cookies every year around this time and I am anxiously waiting for them!!! hahah soo good!

Loving the B*witched song!

Jackie said...

Love Stella's TuTu!!!
My Christmas Cards haven't even came in yet...ugh...I still have a week or so!

Erin said...

Aww- your girl Laura is way too sweet! Love all those goodies for your kiddos! Especially since Stella is ROCKIN that tutu ;)

I just got the $10 VS card too. I did get a $50 once, and you woulda' thought I won the lottery lol!

Adrien said...

I totally didn't realize today was 12-12-12, haha. Awesome. Last time we'll EVER see a date like that in our lifetime!

So are you looking to buy a house? Hope you get the one you want! If you ever decide to rent, I know a duplex that's open that has some AWESOME people living on the other side. Wink wink, hint hint. ;)

Meg {henninglove} said...

what 3 days to get 7 days, how does that make sense?? our christmas cards will go out soon, we received the cards but not the envelopes, oops!

Laura said...

I'm glad the kiddos liked the gifts. I had a great time making them. They are so much fun & can't wait to make more. I haven't shopped at VS for quite some time. But score on the $10! Good luck on the house. I know it's hard to wait & see. Been there, done that. WTG on the cards. I always say I'm gonna do them but then never do. Oh well, next year.

The Pink Growl said...

I want a tutu like that...not sure I could pull it off quite like Ms. Stella! :) Good luck with your house stuff...keep me posted! XOXOX

Beth said...

Finishing my cards up now. Like pulling teeth. But I'm almost there!!!

Laura Darling said...

I haven't heard that song in YEARS!! AH! What a trip down memory lane!

Sarah said...

hey lady! I just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award! Come check it out!


Have a great thursday!!

smk053078 said...

Stella!!! I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze her!! Adorable!!!! Have a nice long holiday vacay!! Thanks for linking up!!