Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

good morning!!
who's wearing capris today in December?  me!
who's child totally wanted to wear shorts but momma HAD to draw the line somewhere?  me!
who's a fan of four day weekends?  me!
so let's get started.
thursday was my friday.  and man i love when that happens!!
we headed into town and had big plans.  henry was getting his first haricut.
he was NOT a fan........
but we powered through it and erin did awesome.
in the end we had a happy heni who looks WAY more grown up now!!  tear :(
even stella got to get pretty.
a cute little braid and pony.  she thought she was HOT stuff!
thank you again erin!!
later i hit up dinner with the kims and got #redbudwild.  ha not really too wild but we enjoyed a crazy nice dinner and my car was in one piece when we got back.  ptl.  ha.
friday morning S&H and i headed to ck with nana for breakfast and then on the road to Danielle's.
they did great the whole ride there!
but seriously we were barley unloaded and stella was already asking when i was going to leave.
dang girl.  i kinda wana stay with you guys for awhile.  little did i know she was up to something.
a little something called - NO NAPS.  poor aunt danielle and non uncle tate.
they sure had an interesting weekend.  henry decided to get the runs and stella decided to NOT nap.
i was pretty sure when i came back on sunday they were going to be standing on the curb, bags packed, holding S&H out READY to hand them off.  ayi yi yi.
but it got better.  however we won't be expecting children from the two of them until 2035.  lol.
S&H did have their good times though.  and well, it was a plus for danielle and tate too.
the kids cleaned all damn weekend.
lol.  who needs toys?!
and stella exercised her true steibel side with many games of cards.
all in all they made it.  whew!!  and i have never been MORE excited to see them in my life!!
honestly when we pulled into the parking lot they were just ear to ear smiles.  ahhh - it's the best feeling ever!

we also have some more REALLY exciting news!!  aunt lacie got her first deer!!
look at that monster!!  and she had a pretty good shot too.
way to go aunt lacie!!


Anonymous said...

omg I can't get over that last picture!!!! LACIE! I didn't know she was a hunter. I knew her bf hunts, but omg she killed one! Crazy crazy. That thing is quite the big guy. Sheshhh

Henry you look so cute with your new haircut. Smiles once it's over and back in momma's arms. hahah

Kim Luke said...

Lovie Heni's hair cut! he looks soo big!!!!!

The picture of them cleaning cracks me up!!!! Empty boxes and brooms keep them busy for hours!!

Awesome job Lacie! Hope this means you will be getting deer sausage to share :)

Adrien said...

Aw, yay for first haircuts. Love those cute kids of yours! Congratulations to Lacie! Reminds me of something Evie said last night, haha. She got a new stuffed reindeer toy, and she told us, "I think I'm going to name him...deer sausage!" :D

keepingupwithkristen said...

AH! I love his haircut. So stinkin' cute. I know you missed your babies while you were gone.

p.s. I enjoy all of the pictures of Henry with brooms/mops. He's going to make his future wifey very happy one day with his mad cleaning skills!