A Few Good Things

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Few Good Things

tis the season, right?
so no joke, a little package appeared in my mailbox a few days back.
and i mean hello, fun mail.  i tore it open RIGHT away.
not thinking holy shit maybe there's a bomb in here.  ha.  kidding.
anyways, i open it up to find these adorable Christmas ornaments!!
i mean seriously - how cute!!
and then i was like wait, who are these from?!?  i couldn't find a name anywhere.
and then i stood there and cried.  how sweet of someone!!
someone who knew we have a bare tree....
someone who took the time to personalize these.....
someone who just took the time to think about others.....
i am in love.
and to whomever you are - thank you.  thank you, thank you!!

and few other good things.....
henry's still cleaning away.
we are working on dusting next week ;)
(and yes we still have a huge cardboard box house in our kitchen.  ignore the rest of the mess.)
of course with all the hard work he is putting in we have to treat him.
he thought smashing his face right into papa's ice cream cone was just hilarious.
you can just see the little grin he's got going in the bottom picture.  like, 'watch this!'  i love it!
and then of course we come home to work off all that ice cream with a wild horsey ride.
why is it the second you lay down on the floor you immediately become a horse??
and tomorrow is st. nick's day - ahhhh - so exciting.  the stockings are getting filled tonight!!
so needless to say we have all kind of good things happening and i love it!

anything good you wana share?
anyone else have a secret santa out there?
anyone else glad i just reminded them st. nick's day is tomorrow??  ha.


The Pink Growl said...

I love that story about you getting those ornaments in the mail! That is such a sweet thing for someone to do for you. It touches my little heart! Love ya!

Sandra said...

How awesome you got those sweet ornaments in the mail!!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Such a sweet thing for someone to do!

keepingupwithkristen said...

That is so sweet! Since we already say "i love you" and all, would it be okay if I had your address ((or is it too soon for that HA!)?! I picked you up a little something a week ago and I wanna send you fun mail : )))

Kim Luke said...

I am in love with those ornaments. soo cute! & soo thoughtful of someone!!!

Oooh yes. Horsey rides every night!! they give us a good workout that's for sure.

Why does Heni look just as big as Stell in that last picture!!! waah!

Adrien said...

Oh my, love those ornaments! :) Really craving a chocolate ice cream cone now....haha.

sblind2 said...

alright peeps ... fess up on those oranments!! they are the CUTEST things ever!!

Anonymous said...

wow that was really sweet of someone to send the ornaments to you guys!! They are really cute.

yay for good things happening!

Laura said...

Those ornaments are sooooo cute! & very thoughtful. Mmmmmm now I want ice cream!