She Taco

Thursday, November 29, 2012

She Taco

ahhhh, therapy + a pedi/mani + a day off from blogging + dicarlos + a massage i just got at work =
happy momma!!
ps - we are hiring if anyone wants to get in on these massages.  just sayin.
oh and that mani - i introduced myself to the gel nails.  not fake.  gel.
best decision i've made in a long time.  go treat yourself.
anyways - today is my friday!!  what whatttttt!!
tomorrow S&H and i are going to enjoy some CK breakfast and then pack up and head to springfield where they get to spend some time with aunt danielle and non uncle tate while mommy heads to chicago.
or in the words of stella 'she taco.'  oh man it makes me laugh every time.
she tries SO hard to say chicago but it comes out she taco every.single.time.  too funny!!
so while i was gathering up stuff to pack in the car, so did the kids....
oh this just cracks me up!!
my kids know how to pack for a road trip, lemme tell ya.
but all in all we are crazy excited for a weekend getaway!!
now we have some cleaning to do before we can head out.
OH and this little cutie is getting his first real haircut tonight!!
according to stella this means 'henry's getting big!'
man i love them!

cheers to a margarita thursday!!
and thank you thank you to everyone who has commented the last two days.
every single word has meant more to me than you will ever know!!  xoxo


The Pink Growl said...

and just what do you think you're doing in she-taco?? Your eye looks gorgeous in that pic and so do sweet Stella's!

Jen said...

Massages at work. Awesome! Jealous. haha!

keepingupwithkristen said...

Why are you going to Chicago?! I went once when I was like I obviously don't remember much : )

I agree with Stella, Henry IS going to look like a "big boy" with his new haircut...can't wait to see it!

Have a safe trip, love!

That's What She Read said...

she taco is SO Funny!

Erin said...

Oooh- enjoy She-taco!! I've never been :) Takes lots of pics so I can live through ya when you get back!

I'm way overdue for a mani!!

Anonymous said...

massage at work??!! Is that even a real work place? You have too many good things going on at that place way to often. I don't believe you all work there!!!!

I did the gel nails for the wedding. I LOVED them until it was time to get them off. Pain. in. my. butt!

I'm with everyone else what's going on in 'she taco'?!

'Henry's getting big' :) I agree Stella. Too cute.

Kim Luke said...

Yea Cassie, why are you going to Chicago?!?! :)

I do love gel nails! I got mine done last week (non gel) and the polish is already coming off! UGH!!!

PISSED I wasn't invited for Dic's. just sayin.

Sandra said...

Sounds like you had a nice day! My old workplace used to do massages at work. Definitely miss that! I'm a big fan of the gel nails!! I always get light colors though. Not brave enough to do dark. I'm actually headed out to get one during my lunch break!!

smk053078 said...

Way to out those kids to work!!! LOL!! And good for you for taking time for yourself. Well deserved, my friend!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Drinking and driving kids.. When will they learn?