Weekend Wrap Up (a little late)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up (a little late)

sorry for being MIA yesterday.  i was busy then had a sick baby boy.
well, a baby boy who couldn't stop pooping his pants.  TMI?  moving on....
friday at work the kids came from the central institute for the deaf and we have a little Christmas get together with them.  they eat, get some fun stuff, decorate our office doors and santa comes!!
i LOVE when these kids come - puts me in a great mood!
after work i headed to meet the hickey girls - katie and kathy (you need to move closer kristen!!) for some food and drinks.  honestly the three of us can just sit there and laugh and talk for hours.  i love our friendship!
we probably would have stayed longer but we had a waitress who was just all over the place and forgot just about everything we ever asked her for.  and katie was getting self conscious about her gray/purple nails, lol.  jk !!  so everyone headed out and i headed to prayer service at ck.
we prayed hard.  lol.  man it was the perfect night of just sitting around catching up with good people!
saturday morning - get this..... i slept until 11:00.  no joke.  i don't know how it happened, but it was awesome!!  then i cleaned and cleaned and cleaned like a mad woman.
danielle and tate came in town that afternoon, we did some Christmas shopping and then headed to get S&H for phil's graduation party.
a boy from connie's was there and S&H were so excited!!  we love wyatt.  seriously him and henry are like long lost brothers.  they have this adorable bond.  makes me one happy momma.  especially when henry went up to give him a hug before he left.  melt my heart.  that boy is a lover!
of course we tried to get a good family picture and it was pretty much a fail.
and yes - henry got naked.  told ya!!
so of course it's JUST my luck that i think i'm borrowing this cute shirt from my bff and the 17 year old bartender ends up wearing the SAME DAMN shirt.  just my luck!  but i mean of course i totally pulled it off much better than that girl.  lol.  even if one of phil's great aunts thought i was 15......  ayi yi yi.  it wasn't my night.  once everyone was getting tired we packed up and i had to take S&H back to daddys.
the next morning we got up, made breakfast and wrapped Christmas presents almost ALL day.
i am happy to report i am ALMOST done.  yay!!
S&H came back later that night and everyone was happy!!
ha - naked bags and keg buckets.  what more can you ask for.  lol.
then monday rolled around and i get a call from connie around noon that henry has a severe case of the runs.
so away we go to the doctor.....  homeboy looks REAL sick doesn't he?!
i think someone just wanted some one on one mommy time.  lol.  good thing he's so dang cute.  but we got some cream for his super sore booty and a ton of Gatorade and headed home.  we had dinner with nana and lacie and then headed home and papa came over.  we jammed out to every song that "Ray" sang on The Voice and played the matching game a good four times.  sister loves her a good matching game!
so here we are tuesday.  so far no blow outs.  fingers crossed.
i have another massage at work today - be jelly!!  momma needs it.
happy last week of work before christmas!


Kim Luke said...

You seriously need to have bring a friend to work day during these massages. Very Jelly!

Hope Heni is feeling better today!

Katie said...

I had fun friday. This should happen more often and much longer next time!

I've heard a couple people that really like 'Ray'. Although I still think it's his time to move on. Cassadee Pope!!!

Sam@Life as Mrs. B said...

Hi Cassie! I'm a new follower! I'm from the Secret Santa Swap! I realized that I forgot to put your card in your package! :( But...I'm your secret Santa! I had fun shopping for fun things for you! Hope you enjoy! :)

Life as Mrs. B