Confession Friday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Confession Friday!

even though the kids are with dad this weekend we still have a BUSY one planned.
tonight it's dinner with the hickey girls.
then prayer service at ck when i get back in town.
we have A LOT of praying to do tonight ;)
then tomorrow my sister's boyfriend graduates.
which means they are getting closer and closer to moving to Texas :(
i'll swing by and pick up the kids to take them to the party later that night.
WHICH Stella thinks is a birthday party.
therefore, don't judge us if we walk in with cupcakes, a bag that says happy birthday on the side AND decide to break out in song more than a few times that night.
you gotta do what you gotta do and my kids KNOW how to party.
who wants to take bets that Henry will end up with SOME type of clothing off before the night is through?!  i mean it will be the first time we meet Phil's parents and when we met my other sister's boyfriend's parents Henry wasn't even wearing pants.....
ha - i love this crazy life we have!!

moving on to the confessions....

we made a trip to IGA last night to get stuff to make cupcakes for Phil's "party."
so we called him up and asked him what type of cupcakes he liked.
well frankly it didn't matter.  according to Stella Phil likes greens one.
ummm - yum!  can't wait!

anyone else play dragon when they get out of the tub?
for some reason the bath water turns my kids into dragons the second they decide to get out.
and hey - we aren't messing around here.  we take this dragon stuff seriously!
i love Henry's Einstein hair he has going on.  lol.

this little guy can stop for just like two seconds.
when did he get so big?
he officially "cheeses" for pictures.
thank you Stella for teaching him this.  you smile JUST like your sister buddy :)

thank you Stella also for my awesome looking nails i have going on.  three people noticed them yesterday.
i mean it's kinda hard to not notice purple nails with an extreme amount of glitter on them...... so pretty!

so i categorize all my pictures on my computer by month.  this morning i went in to update the months.
haven't touched them since august.  whoops.  mommy's been busy.....
looks like i need a photo album for Christmas!

i confess i try to coordinate my outfits with events at work.
today the kids from CID are coming for a little Christmas gig.  i tried getting my sister's green shirt for the day. you know, to look festive and all.  does this officially classify me as a mom?  i think so....

speaking of that - my bff is suggesting i take a women's one a day vitamin.
WHY does this make me feel like i'm every bit of 40 something.
my hair falls out like a crazy person (i'm sure the stress doesn't help, nor the fact that i'm a crazy person) BUT she suggested taking a woman's one a day to help with it.  ayi yi yi.
why does this make me feel so old?  next thing you know i'll be eating activia.....
anyone else have any tricks to help me keep my hair?!

so if you need me i will be eating, praying, celebrating, wrapping presents and taking vitamins like an old lady!  have a good weekend.  stay warm!


Beth said...

You're not old until you seriously start to consider Life Alert. Or eat dinner by 4:30pm and bed by 7 :)

Anonymous said...

your little dragons are too cute!

hahah you are not old for taking Women's One A Day!! I've been taking them for years. But I don't think that is going to help with your hair falling out. My sister's hair use to be super thin. She tried a couple different vitamins to help. I can ask her what kind helped if you'd like.

Sarah said...

uhh i take vitamins...and i am on 23! haha But then again i am trying to maky my nails and hair grown and be stronger..

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Your hair falling out is definitely stress! When I went through my divorce, I was shedding hair like a dog, lost a crazy amount of weight (weighed 128lbs & I'm 6' tall) and my sleep was horrible... ayi yi yi. Side note, all the above was contributed to clinic hyperthyroidism WHICH was caused by a shit ton of stress!!! My advise... eat, drink and be merry :-) I started taking vitamins, eating more healthy, went on a few vacations, sold my house and got a cool new loft apartment, started kick boxing and had LOTS of fun with friends and family. You're on the right track. It just takes a little time for your body to catch up to everything you've been through. Pamper yourself girl... you deserve it :-)

Love Henry's BIG cheese :-D He is so so handsome!!

keepingupwithkristen said...

Your dragon face = priceless!! Taking vitamins doesn't mean you're old, just means you're taking care of yourself. : )

Hope you have a great weekend. I also hope you'll continue to have "dragon time" after your baths, even though the kiddos won't be there!

Mallory said...

My husband has been trying to get me to take vitamins for a few years now and I told him nahhhhh I'm not old enough yet!! He still got the women's one a days and tries to talk me into taking them daily.

That's What She Read said...

you and your kiddos are too cute for words!!