Random Wednesday

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Wednesday

after i drop the kids off in the morning and go through all three presets of my Sirius XM radio to find nothing on, i usually end up looking like this......
scratching my head, wondering what i will blog about today.
well, minus the footie PJ's, however there are days i do wish i owned a pair.
but then i get to work and usually something happens that sparks up a good post.
like today was our secret Santa day.  i suck at these things.  lemme tell ya.
i get to work and see everyone elses gifts and think oh i totally should have done that!
like my gift was two margarita glasses, some beverage napkins with a funny saying and some Christmas earrings.  yeah be REAL jealous of my secret Santa.  sorry lady!!
however a girl literally got a three cup coffee pot (yes just the pot) with marshmallows inside.  W.T.F?
ANYWAYS - your day starts off pretty good when you find out your secret Santa got you a $5 gift card to Jilly's freaking Cupcake Bar!!  boom and boom.  who doesn't want a cupcake the size of their head?!
i think i'll share my cupcake with coffee pot and marshmallow girl....lol.
and then not even an hour later i get a Christmas card from some of the people i work for with a $50 target card inside.  and i mean life is just good!
and then i go into someone's office (don't worry his name wasn't on the card) and i get told, man that shirt is bright, i can't even look at you and have a conversation very long because it's so bright.
and that great mood goes RIGHT out the window!
the look on my face could be really close to the look i gave this person.  raised eyebrows and everything.
so whatever - i let it roll off and go back to my office and read some blogs.
(read this - oh my goodness, makes my heart so warm!)
of course i can't even get through one without tearing up.  and by time i get to 26 i look like my dog just died or something.  so then the "person" who makes the bright ass shirt comment walks back into my office to talk to me about something and stops dead in his tracks wondering what just happened and why i'm crying.
he asks if i'm ok, and i totally tell him the bright shirt comment hurt my feelings.
he feels bad.  next thing you know, i'm getting a free lunch.
boom!  ha - and that's how you survive working in the construction industry.
ok totally kidding - but i do think he's scared to come in my office the rest of the day.
and that's all i got for this random Wednesday!
kacie and buck are coming over tonight to "do presents" according to Stella.
we are getting tequila's to go and just having a grand ole time.  i'm seriously crazy excited!!
happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Yummm love Jilly's cupcakes!! Those things are enormous.

Adrien said...

Bahahaha...milk it! :D Off to check out that link. I'll grab some tissues. :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

That freakin cupcake.... GET.IN.MY.BELLY!!!

Order something totally fab for lunch! Love that story, love your shirt. Serves him right, hahahaha

Henry makes me laugh :-D I don't even need to read what you wrote, just look at the pic and he puts a smile on my face!! So darn cute!! If he already didn't have that hot babe Layla, I would totally snatch him up for Victoria ;-)

Sarah said...

AHHH Jilly's! I am trying that as soon as I get back to St. Louis next week! I have been dying to try it! There is one right by my mom's work and she loves it..so i am basically making her take me! :)

ALSO I love how everyone is using GIFs for their emotions etc and you use pictures of Mr. Henry! Makes my day!!

smk053078 said...

Score on the $50 Target G.C. and boo to the guy who said your shirt is too bright....whatevs, mister!! Thanks for linking up!

The Pink Growl said...

good for you for saying to him that his comment hurt your feelings! Boys can be so stupid with their comments sometimes! Oh and that cupcake? Looks delish! I hope you enjoyed it mama!

Sarah said...

I have a Jilly date in January & I can't freakin wait!!

Seriously sister… HUGS!! :)