Random Wednesday

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday

linking up with the cute shanna today for Random Wednesday.
because really, i have nothing for you today but randoms.
and i totally want the sweater she is wearing today from target.
so let's get started...

i said out loud last night than in less than three months i will have a THREE year old.
how and when did this happen?
holy smokes.
an almost three year old who wants a guitar for Christmas.
lord help me.

the same almost three year old has a horrible fear we need to discuss.
last night we had a play date with ali.  the girls were going to take a bath.
stella has taken baths with ali before.
well, one time a toy with down the drain at dad's house and it has scarred my child.
she won't get in the tub if she thinks the drain is up.
she won't let you put anything in there because she thinks it will get sucked down the drain.
we have to completely clean out the tub with toys before i can lift the drain for water to go out.
i guess she noticed the drain in ali's tub for the first time last night and homegirl LOST it.
it was down, but it kinda looked like it was still up.  you can tell her over and over that the drain is down.
but it does nothing.  sister isn't getting in that tub.  and she wants anything and everything out of the tub pronto!  there was no way she was getting in.  she literally said, i want to go home.
it's hilarious, and crazy all at the same time.
i have to explain to ali's mom her fear while trying not to laugh and getting the craziest blank stare from her.
any suggestions?

i (fingers crossed oh so tight) might get an official blogger meet up next weekend with jen!!!!!!
ahhhhhh - i like can't wipe the smile off my face!!
and then another blogger meet up in January in Tennessee.
what what!!  so excited!

i will never understand why mom's drink is always so much better than their drink.

i did a birthday shot.  i never do shots.
i may have sipped it, but i drank it.
who is this girl?
i also had my first whiskey and water.
it kinda made me feel like an old person.  but it kinda made me feel sophisticated....

oh and i need to add buttons to my side bar.  so let me know if i can add your button!!

so that's a ton of randoms for today.
i have an almost three year old with a bathtub drain fear.
a naked little boy always stealing my drink.
and i'm just keeping it classy.
welcome to my life.  ha.
happy Wednesday!


Jackie said...

Loreli has the same fear....and we don't know why she does. We think it's because sometime our drain makes noises...but who knows!
She normally says Save me Mom, Mom my toys save them.

It's hard not to laugh at her becasue it is kinda funny!

That's What She Read said...

yayaya!! blates are the best! :) Let's say "go blue jays!" so they make it to state and I can come see you ;)

Also whiskey and water?! man i have to load it with coke to choke it down!

You go girl!

Kim Luke said...

ahh. I witnessed Stella's fear once. Scared the hell out of me because I thought she got hurt as she was getting out of the tub. little did I know she thought buzz was getting sucked down the drain. Lol Poor kid!!

I can't do whiskey. It burns as its going down and I seriously just fear it's going to put hair on my chest. haha!!

My button will be added to your side bar as soon as I get it! :)

Amber Dominguez said...

New follower, found via via Shanna's linkup :)

Is it sad that I clicked on your thumbnail because you were taking a shot?? It's obviously been waaaaaay too long since I've had a drink haha

P.S. your babies are adorable!!

Amber Dominguez said...

New follower, found via via Shanna's linkup :)

Is it sad that I clicked on your thumbnail because you were taking a shot?? It's obviously been waaaaaay too long since I've had a drink haha

P.S. your babies are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I have a post in draft right now about wanting to swap buttons. When I typed it up I was all excited about it then I went to hit publish over the weekend and I was like is this completely dumb?! So it's just kind of hanging out for now.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Sometimes you just gotta take the shot!

I don't have a button because I am very not techy and I have no earthly idea how to create one.

smk053078 said...

Time flies, right? Mine are almost 5 and 8!!! Makes me feel so OLD!!! They are growing up too fast!!! And having a shot every now and again is good for the soul! ;) Thanks for linking up!!

Helene said...

hahaha love the "shot" picture!! I feel old because yesterday someone called me OLD. ugh!

Helene in Between

JP Lord said...

Soooo I found you via the linkup and I'm really glad I did. A bit of parenting advice, don't. Blink.
Your newest follower.

Laura Darling said...

Maybe you could put a washcloth over the drain? Or maybe once you buy a guitar the fear will be gone! :)

Britt {Secondhand Magpie} said...

I used to be pretty terrified of the tub drain, and it came from watching Ghostbusters 2 as a kid. That orange goo messed me up! Cute blog, and I discovered you via Shanna Says So :)

-Your newest follower

Secondhand Magpie

Beth said...

I agree with the washcloth idea. Or maybe those rubber suction/plug things that go over the drain - so she knows it's covered? I dunno, good luck, Momma!

anna lizbeth said...

love the shot picture and the text "staying classy" :) xo annalizbeth