Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

it's extremely appropriate to say my birthday weekend was everything i needed and more!
everyone rocked.  my heart is happy.
that's for you erin ;)
i was given some pretty awesome stuff and had even more awesome company.
so let's start with friday.
the guys at work said, it's your birthday get outa here at 3:00.  i love my job!
so i headed to get S&H.  we got home and waited for aunt danielle and non uncle tate to get in town.
stella thought she'd let me rest for the night and she'd give henry a bath.
go for it sister!!
i'm not sure who was more wet by the time this was all said and done, but it was too cute to stop.
once everyone was cleaned the next thing we knew we heard our guests car and we rushed outside.
danielle rocked  the best friday gift with SIX frozen crockpot meals.
thank you pinterest.  thank you sister!
we put everyone to bed, played catch up, had a drink and called it a night.
saturday was birthday day!!
hen was up at 6:00, bless his heart, but again aunt danielle to the rescue and she let me sleep until 6:30.
henry then decided that was enough and he needed his momma.!!
once stella was up we met my dad at ck for breakfast.
we then headed to nana's house where i got the book i have been waiting for!!
what whatttttttt!!
i couldn't put it down.  then mom picked it up and she couldn't either.  neither could danielle.
this book makes me happy!  thank you mom!!
after nana's we headed home and danielle and tate took over while i snuck off to get a pedicure.
ahhhh - it was amazing.  when i got back home stella was walking around like this....
danielle - WHAT are you teaching my child.  i leave you alone for one hour.
ha - i kid i kid.
however this was also waiting for me when i got back home:
a new coach purse from my sisters!!
of course henry has to break in everything we own the proper way.  eat it.  thank you bud.  and in case you were wondering, it got his approval.  lol.
the rest of the afternoon was chill and it was perfect for everyone.
danielle started cooking my favorite stuffed peppers for dinner and the next thing i knew i had a full house.
nana brought over ice cream cake and stella put all the candles on.
she was super proud of her hard work.  and totally sang me happy birthday a good  five times! :) :)
ad remember it's not a party unless henry's naked.  thata boy bud!
once everything got cleaned up we got more guests - the lukes!
and how can you say no to them, especially when they are bearing gifts like this:
homegirl knows the way to this momma's heart!!
we had four kids and four adults running around and everyone was happy!  i loved every thing about it!
my bff and i slipped out for a birthday drink and had a some fun.
a HUGE thank you to danielle and tate for watching four kids!  the verdict is everyone did great and i think danielle and tate kinda maybe really liked it too.  yay!!
sunday we were off to ck with the lukes while we gave danielle and tate some much needed peace and quiet.
we got back, headed to church and then headed home to chill the entire rest of the day.
yay for an absolute perfect birthday weekend.  thank you again to everyone for the birthday wishes!!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love the beer cake, I saw that on pinterest. I need to do that for someone.

Fabulous new coach bag!

Laura said...

Awe, Happy Birthday girly!! Sounds like you had a good time. & who better to spend it with than your kiddos.

Adrien said...

Yay for family and friends - sounds like a great birthday weekend! I'd love to have six meals in my freezer right now, haha.

Anonymous said...

Damn you had a good birthday weekend!! Glad it went over so well. Much needed for sure!