Quit Playing Games with My Heart

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quit Playing Games with My Heart

and....now that we all have BSB stuck in our heads.   ha - you're welcome.
so it's no surprise that there's never a dull moment at our house.
which i kinda really love, don't get me wrong.
but last night, maybe due to #wineywednesday, i sat and thought how the craziness is really just all games.
let me welcome you to the games we play daily at our house
with these two primarily being the winners.
i'm seriously just chopped liver.

so let's start with the game henry wins every.single.day.
who can wear the most shirts in one day?
the reason this kid is naked in most of the pictures is because i'm over the shirt game before noon.
no joke.  the 47 teeth he has you would think the slobber problem would stop.
or maybe it's just because he's a boy and he thinks taking a drink of something and then letting it run out the sides of his mouth is funny?  heck, even with a mom who changes clothes a good three times before figuring out what to wear to work henry wins this game, hands down.

you could think he would win all together when it comes to clothes.
but when it comes to the game:  who can wear the most pants in one day
there's another winner - sister.
here's a typical morning:
M - what pants do you want to wear today
S - ummmmmmmm jeans.
M - ok, these jeans good?
S - yeah (so we start putting them on).  i don't like these, i wana wear pants.
M - these are pants.
S - no purple ones.  long ones (aka purple pants, not to be confused with shorts).
M - how about these?
S - ok!.  (we are putting them on)  mom, they don't have pockets.
M - oh my, well we need pockets.  let's look again.
pair of pants #3.  finally they are purple, they have pockets, lets go.
THEN, not even kidding every day on the ride home she tells me how she wants to wear shorts when she gets home.
before we can even get dinner started homegirl has her dresser drawer open picking out shorts.  SMH.

who talks on the phone the most?
henry's news obsession is picking up anything that remotely resembles a phone and saying 'hello!'
it's crazy cute!

but sister wins this one.
she has three phones.  a pretend one.  my old blackberry and lacie's old blackberry.
she now even thinks she needs to "charge" them every night.
which could be true.  homegirl is always talking to David or Aaron.
who is David and Aaron you ask?  we have no freaking idea!
but lawd she talks to them all.night.long.
ummmmm......how old is she?

one of henry's very favorite games is:  who can watch a movie the fastest.
he knows one button on the dvd player and it's fast forward.
before i know it i look over and the credits are rolling.  wait, what?  i just started that movie.
however there's one part of henry's favorite barney movie stella does let him fast forward through.
and if he even thinks about hitting fast forward homegirl looses it!
which is when she wins the award for:  how many times a night can we do ring around the rosie.
in one song we have to do this five times.  five times people.
this is the moment when i'm extremely happy henry hasn't figured out the rewind button.

recently we have started a new game.  it's called:  where's mommy's toothbrush.
not my favorite game at all.
homeboy loves him a good toothbrush.  or wait, maybe he just LOVES my toothbrush.
you know you're a mom when you totally use your toothbrush even after you find it in the toy box, or in with the dvds, or in the play house, or in the refrigerator.  and i one time found it in stella's shoe.  i still used it.  i know, gag.  it took at lot.  but i needed to brush my teeth.

one game the three of us take pretty seriously is:  who can eat the most ice cream.
i love my babies and all but this is one game i win.
especially when it's leftover ice cream cake.

henry thinks there's a game called:  who can wake up before 6:00.
but there's not.  both sister and i refuse to participate in this game.

so anyone else have any fun games they play at their house?!?!
and now you see why i love me a good strong marg huh?
happy margarita thursday!!


Katie said...

hahahah sounds like a lot of FUN games going on!!

umm that picture of Stella on the 'phone' what is she 17??! Too funny.

Too cute that Henry just fast forwards most of the movies he watches hahah

You need one of those plastic things that go over the brushes of your toothbrush! Maybe search for a child proof one hahah
Tanya will pull her toothbrush out of her purse and I gag. Mine is always in a plastic case thing even while in the bathroom.

sblind2 said...

I couldn't even read the title without singing it (thanks....)
You are one nice momma .... I give Brody a choice of 2 outfits and if it doesn't want either I chose - lol

Kathleen said...

Your little ones are the cutest little ones ever! So glad I found your blog, new follower :) xoxo

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. I'll play the 6am game! ;) Love these pictures!

Nicole Hedden said...

Wow... Zoie plays the game "who can say the word FART the most?"

Literally, she is ALWAYS putting it into song lyrics and just everyday sentences.

And watch out... Make sure you get Stella an unlimited phone plan! haha