Election 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

happy election day.
{go vote}
like seriously.
but i'm not here to talk about who to vote for.
instead i'm going to copy off the daily tay and tell you a few things i am voting for:

i'm voting for: free shipping and promo codes all the time.
yep - i am an online shopping addict.
if i spend $50 i get free shipping, well of course i will find $50 worth of stuff to buy even though i only came here for that $19.99 pair of pants. my kid could use a new coat, oh and those new shoes, cute shirt, oh crap what do i get if i spend $100?!?
gets me every time.....

oh yes and along with this i'd vote for every one's debt to just go away.
student loans, stupid credit cards, shopping debt, free shipping debt, you name it.
bam - gone.

i'm voting for: free gym memberships.
now that it's 34 degrees in the morning and when i get home from work i wish i had a gym membership.
but when it's $875 a month, ok not really but it feels like it.
and i only use it say one day a week and two weekends a month.
it's not happening.
but please remember you can go to the gym without telling social media about it.

i'm voting for: there to always be a Christmas music station.
come on Sirius XM radio.
i think this channel would be more popular than you know.

i'm voting for: work to bring back Bread Co. breakfast on Wednesday.
this clearly needs no explanation.

i'm voting for: oil changes to be cheaper.
last oil change was every bit of $40.
holy smokes Valvoline.  easy.

i'm voting for: iphone to have a flash when you turn your camera the other way.
this picture would have been crazy cute!
homeboy LOVES to give kisses!!
slobbery open mouth ones and all.  my fav!

i'm voting for: ecards to be sent to your e-mail/phone on a daily basis.
my god they crack me up!

i'm voting for: colored pants to be more office acceptable.
you'd think i'm walking around naked today with the looks i'm getting.

i'm voting for: my favorite high heels that are so worn in and comfortable to never break.
i mean come on, they are only the $24.99 ones from target, but every time i get them just right...
there goes a heel....

i'm voting for: people you love to live closer.
cough danielle cough cough kristen cough

i'm voting for: these two to never grow up.
crazy hair, no pants, how did you get in the sink, where's your other sock, get that out of your mouth, are you pooping, don't chew on my lipstick, no you don't need hairspray, yes that's my makeup, no you don't need to wear any mascara, i'm only putting one pony tail in your hair not four, thank you for telling me i look pretty, sit down please, now say cheese.
we have a crazy life but my goodness i love it!!

again - GO VOTE!!
you never know what tomorrow might bring......


Kim Luke said...

i'd vote for nap time on rainy days at work. i mean c'mon. even just a half hour. no one would even know!!

love the last pic of the kiddos and the caption. too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Im all for the promo code with online shopping! I get really excited when I see one of those then feel like I HAVE to buy something. Sucker!

All for Bread Co Wednesdays!! Cinn crunch bagel with cream cheese bread sliced please!!

Awww Heni love his momma!

This last picture with your caption is too funny. :)

bailey j said...

I love this post.. especially the last part, so true! aha. love your blog.

i have your name for the ornament swap. iv been shopping around but totally forgot to get your mailing address! aha.

email me when you have a chance! :)