I'm A Single Parent

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm A Single Parent

As of yesterday I am a single parent.
Holy smokes that was hard to type.
Three years, one month and 19 days.
I still can’t talk about it without crying.
Everything from tearing up, to a few tears down my face, to full blown ugly cry.
Just standing there yesterday I wanted nothing more but to burst into tears.
I was numb.  So many emotions.
It’s extremely bittersweet.
I never wanted it to happen.  No one does.
But it's something that unfortunately needed to.
We tried.
At least I can look back and say 'we tried.'
Counseling, sleeping on the couch, living apart.
But sometimes two people just can’t get along.
Sometimes two people don’t have the same outlook on life.
On relationships.
On communication.
On money.
On parenting.
And when you can’t reach that common ground, everything falls apart.

Sometimes two happy houses are better than one unhappy house.

But you know what, as of today I am ok.
I have two amazing babies who LOVE life.
Who are doing awesome and who are just plain awesome!!
And they make everything ok.
Because everything’s going to be ok.

Yesterday life changed.
Today paperwork, insurance, taxes, etc change.
Tomorrow this blog will change.
Sometimes in life you have to stop the show, think about what you really want and Take Two.


Sami said...

Cassie!! I know I haven't been commenting much but I want you to know I'm always here if you need anything!! I hope you're okay and if you're not I have no doubt that you will be. Your babies have the best momma in the whole world and that's all that matters. Sending love and hugs your way!! xoxox

Kim Luke said...

You are an amazing mommy, amazing person and an even more amazing friend!
Nothing but good days are ahead!! You deserve the best and don't settle for anything less!
Now is the time to be you.
Time for Cassie!
Lovie you bff!

Katie said...

:( crying with you! I know it needed to happen it's still so sad though. You are a strong momma and you have two beautiful babies to keep you that way. I'm proud of you for doing what was best even though it hurt.
Love you!!!

Kimberly Nagel said...

I know how you feel. It does suck but you said it best in 'we tried' and 'two happy houses are better than one unhappy house'. Being a single parent isn't hard though. Ive been doing it for awhile and its super easy! Your strong and independent and you will love it. Being a HAPPY single mommy is WAY better than being a miserable unhappy married mommy. You can do it, lady. Its ok to cry and be sad but dont regret it. Everything happens for a reason. This is just one more thing to learn from and say that you survived through. :)

tara caldwell said...

Oh I'm sorry this has happened to you. I hate to say that I know exactly how you feel.This was me a year and half ago. Many ((HUGS)) your way. I can say that it WILL get easier. I took me three years to make that tough decision but looking back now was the best decision I made. It will make you a stronger woman for sure.

Anonymous said...

It sucks that that had to happen but from what I read you are an amazing person who will go far. Keep your head up and live for those two babies of yours. When life gets your down, look/remember a funny time with your kids and put a smile back on your face. I have learned in life everything happens for a reason and you will get through it and come out a whole lot smarter and stronger in the end.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I hope you can use your blog to work through everything coming your way. I know for me writing it means purging it from my system and helping me get to the other side of some hard stuff.

I'm sorry for what you're going through. Hang in there.

Shannon Page said...

You're a strong lady, Cassie and you have 2 beautiful babies that love you! That's all that matters. Sounds like you did the right thing:) I'm excited to help you out as you "take two!"

That's What She Read said...

Cassie!!! honey how in the world you posted such a sunshiney bright comment on my blog and all along you were going something so tough!


gchat, twitter, email, you name it my shoulder/ear/hug is right here waiting.

Chin up butter cup!

no, you RADIATE!

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the day I got divorced. I was there all alone, my ex didn't even show up. It was over in 10 minutes and it was the hardest, saddest, loneliest day of my life. I vowed from that day forward that I will hold my head high because I know in my head and my heart that I tried everything I could to make it work. The following day, it was like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders and my new chapter started. I can tell you that it will get better. Hug those babies tight and love each other. They are precious gifts from God that keep on giving :) Good luck to you and many many best wishes for an AWESOME "Take Two"!!!

Kacie said...

I can't even imagine what you are going through, so I am not going to sit here and say, "I know what you are going through." But, I am so proud of the way you handle things! You are such a strong woman and amazing mother to those two awesome kids! I love how you put that you sometimes have to sit back, stop the show and take two.
I love you and the friendship we have and the amazing friend you are!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that but I definitely agree that two happy houses are better than one unhappy house. You are an amazing mom who puts her children first and they will realize that and appreciate it and you and all that you've gone through. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Thinking of you Cassie!!!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Thinking of you Cassie!!! xoxo

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Thinking of you Cassie!!!

Adrien said...

Hey, girl - sorry I'm seeing this a little late. I'm praying for peace in your heart and for your beautiful family. Here's to a bright future! You are such an encouragement to me every day, and I know you'll rise above it - for your babies and for yourself.

Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear that. But, I've been there. My two boys were the same age as your two when I became a single mom. I'm not going to lie, it was hard. And there are days it still is. But, my boys are 10 and 12 now and straight A students and happy, well adjusted kids. I don't know if that would be the case living in one unhappy household. It seems like you have a good support system and family so you will be ok. Hang in there!!!

Sarah said...

Aww love! I am so sorry I didn't see this post yesterday! I am so sorry. I know things are hard now but everything happens for a reason, as cliche as that sounds! I know you are a strong and you will make it!! If you ever need anything or just want to talk please email me!

Thinking about you today!!

Christine said...

thinking about you!