Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

a few things before we get to the weekend.
first off - hello to a bunch of new followers!!
i won a guest post over on tiffany's blog and gained all these pretty ladies.
thank you thank you!  and welcome.
secondly - it's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!
that's right the countdown is on - come on November 10.
the big 26.  ugh, officially closer to 30 than 20.......
moving on to the weekend.
it was amazingly relaxing.
we loved every second of it.
friday night we had to go to the dreaded wal-mart.
my goodness nothing will make you feel better about yourself than that place.
we were in and out quick, PTL.
saturday morning henry was up at 6:10.
brutual.  sunshine was up a little after that and we headed to CK - duh.
after breakfast we did nothing but hang out ALL day.
someone was extremely silly all weekend - and i was loving every second of it.
he could seriously sit in this chair and watch tv forever.
i swear there's a 60 year old man shoved inside his body sometimes.....
aunt lacie came over for a bit when she got off work and we headed out for a walk.
that was about the highlight of our saturday.  fine.by.me.
sunday because of the lovely time change everyone was up at 6:10 - again, brutal.
we made breakfast and chilled - until lacie and phil called and MADE us go to CK.
ha - i know, like they had to ask twice.
we headed back to hang with them for a bit and lacie gave me some hot new peach pants.
so of course a fashion show had to follow when we got home.
which top works best?
and can you spy the nakie baby in the back of every picture?  lol.
S&H were clearly thrilled by my outfits....
ha - classy, naked, and matching.  we're an interesting bunch!
we ordered the dinner box from Pizza Hut and called it a day.
hope everyone had a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love Henry's smiley face!!
Happy boy.

I was going to say something, but I will just email you instead. :)

I surprisingly like the peach pants. I like the last shirt with them the best. Is that one from ON? It is hanging out in my shopping cart online right now.

Adrien said...

Haha, this post makes me want breakfast food really bad. :) I like all three outfits, but I cant decide between the first and the last as my favorite. Cute!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

how adorable are those babies and how hot snot are those pants. You are officiallly Hot Pants! Big Hugs!