Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

and yes that is a smartie stuck to his head - he had no idea.
stella and i couldn't stop laughing which caused him to giggle too.
it was a giggle fest of all sorts - which are my favorite thing ever!!

ok, so not really wordless- but i'm short on words today.
mostly because........
henry is bottle free!!!!
just 6 days shy of this boy being 14 months old.
my god he was obsessed with that dang thing.
yesterday i went to grab a bottle from the baby sitters bag, saw it hadn't been used all day and told myself no i'm not filling this bad boy up.
i gave henry milk in his cup....
he looked at me like i was a damn fool....
he had a bit of a meltdown on our walk....
but believe it or not everyone survived....
he made it all night.
i made it all night.
i love this boy.
i love this boy.
i love this boy.


Katie said...

Wahhoooo Go Henry!!! Big boy!

Love that you and Stella were laughing at Henry and he had no clue why! hahah

That's What She Read said...

aw, yay for big boy milestones!! ;) he is so cute!!!

Meagan said...

Love giggle fests! No matter what is going on, if someone else is laughing Carson does too!

Yay Henry!! Such a big boy now!!

Beth said...

Congratulations, Henry! That is a very big deal, for sure!! Good job, momma!

Kacie said...

Yay Henry!! :)