Currently, I Am.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Currently, I Am.....

Reading: ha - you're funny.  i do not read books.
magazines, those count right?  the newspaper?  of course.  best part about thursdays!!
i mean unless it's blogs.  and i don't call that reading, i call that stalking....

Watching: the X Factor.  i was NOT happy about the baseball games cutting into my show.
i'm SUPER excited for it tonight!!

Thinking About: moving Henry into a big bed.  Stella was in one at 15 months.  Henry's almost 14.
i think he's ready.  anyone have an extra twin mattress they want to get rid of??

Loving: these two.
more and more!!

Looking Forward To: my sister's big birthday party this weekend in Springfield!!

Wondering: if i can pull off the loafer trend.....
i kinda really want a pair.  damn you target for only being a few blocks away......

Cooking/Baking: this is as close as it gets to cooking/baking for this momma.
but i am trying to be a little crafty and making this for my kids halloween party.
cheese it's, peanuts, pretzels, reese's pieces, caramel corn, honey nut cherrios, cocoa puffs and candy corn - wah-lah, easy enough!

Disliking: when it rains in STL.  guarantee at least 10 minutes late for work.
guarantee.  ugh.

Making Me Happy: my family.
i am NOT ready for january and for everyone to be all over the US.
i am really soaking it in right now.

Wishing you: ok, really I'm just wishing Chelsea and very happy 21st birthday today!!


Adrien said...

Ah, big bed time! We still need to get the girls' bunk beds, but mattresses cost almost as much as the dang beds! Not fair.

The halloween mix looks yummy! Good job, mom. :)

Sarah said...

You can totally pull of a loafer. Duh :)

And ooooh big boy bed!! That is so exciting! It is all sunny here in springfield, i am actually glad not to be in STL today...hate the rain!

Sarah said...

Um you can totally pull off a loafer! DUH!

And i am SO glad its not raining here in springfield! It stormed all night long!

That's What She Read said...

We are wondering about a big girl bed for Reese too! She was 2 in July, so it's way passed time. I'm thinking of just lowering the crib mattress all the way and taking off one side for now as the first transitional step...that chex mix stuff sounds amazing! my kids and I would gobble it up!