Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

hey girl hey!
i wish i could say i was MIA because i won big on the McDonald's monopoly game.
but that STILL hasn't happened.
i swear that game is rigged.
anyways, i am happy to report i had a pretty awesome weekend.
life is good.  S&H are great.  can't complain.
so let's get to this!
nothing starts your weekend off right than having total control over your own powdered donut.
this was one messy heni - but one HAPPY heni!!
later that night we headed out to the last high school football game of the season.
ok REALLY we just wanted to see our favorite Uncle Buck and Aunt Kacie.
my goodness my kids LOVE these two.  ok, i kinda do too ;)
Ka-Ka was SUPER awesome too.  man we missed her!!
everyone had so much fun!!
saturday morning we were off to CK.  of course we were.  ha.
but i had to work and S&H were off to hang with Dad.
later that night i went to a house warming party.
i totally felt right at home when they broke out the cards.
i'm a steibel, it's in my blood.  i love me a good card game.
sunday morning my little sister and i were off to the Rams vs. Packers game.
12 rows off the field.  i'm the best sister ever.  sorry Danielle.  jk jk.
we had a BLAST!!  AND found out we might get the hook up for some tickets at Lambeau.
yeah - super excited!!
ps - Laura I MAY have a sweet hook up for you and the hubs ;)
anyways, we met up with some red bud people after the game and hung out.
we seriously had a GREAT day!
i ended the night with S&H in a great mood.  i seriously have the best kids ever!
we read books and were sleeping before the game was over.
i really can't complain about a single thing this weekend.  it was perfect!!
AND i'm already having a great monday.
my wall collage is in at CB and i won a Sophistifunk bracelet - HOLLA.
hope everyone had a great weekend!!
cheer to a good week.


Anonymous said...

The donut picture is too cute!!

YaY for an awesome weekend!

Adrien said...

Henry is so big!! Love seeing all of those happy faces. :)

Kacie said...

Loved seeing you guys too!!!!! These kiddos make me smile so much.....even if I didn't carry Stella right, those dang boots! Lol