Throw Back Thursday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throw Back Thursday

i was supposed to talk about a card swap today.
but lauren and i kinda dropped the ball.
i think it's fair to say we blame the cardinals.  lol.
and then i was going to do the saw it, pinned it, did it challenge...
and i did it, but i didn't take a single picture.
no joke after the project i was like well that was pointless.
i will try to take a picture tonight.
oh well.
so instead while driving to work this morning i heard this song and got in the mood for throwback thursday

of course we need to do this halloween style
oh danielle i laugh every time!!
mom and dad must have been mad at your this halloween or something.
a troll, really?  and that track suit....... SMH.
and here's my cousins one year
i still love meg's baby bop costume.
and i think that's a pretty good pirate kelly.
speaking of pirates, danielle - it might just be in the steibel blood.
i love it!!  cutest pirates ever!!

and of course we can't forget the skunk and nerd from last year
what a hot mess!!  too funny.
awwwww - baby stella :( :(

happy thursday!!


sblind2 said...

This is a good idea!! I should go through some old pics at moms ... one year Emma was a die and couldn't sit down - LOL

Meagan said...

The troll is freakin hilarious!! And I'm pretty sure I had a track suit just like that....