Confession Friday

Friday, October 26, 2012

Confession Friday

it is party day at work which makes it impossible to be in a bad mood!!
everyone is in full blown halloween mode.
i get to leave at noon and go get my kiddies for the party.
and there's free tacos today at taco bell because of the stealing bases thing in the world series.
ummmm - yeah!
oh yeah and it's the eve of my sister's golden birthday.
woop woop!!
i will try to put away my momness and stay up til midnight so i can be the first to call you.
but don't bank on it sister.  my mom bedtime will kick in around 9:30.
yes, on a friday.  SMH.
moving on to the confessions....

i confess i'm talking adrien's blog like a mad woman today.
she's being induced, and she blogs a good majority of it. 
hello - best thing ever!!
props to her husband who is completely supportive of it.
ahhhhhh - i just can't wait to see that new baby boy!!!!

i confess i'm a little obsessed with  my sister's boyfriend's instagram pictures.
i mean come on - homeboy knows that he is doing.
seriously - that's a sweet picture!!

i confess last night i was almost embarrassed by the amount of party bags and tissue paper i have.
katie - please tell me you are right there with me.
this is kind of a lot......

i confess i MAY have had rasiniets for breakfast this week.
twice.  ok maybe three times.....

i confess i got my first red light ticket the other day.
i mean how much do those things SUCK - $100!! 
but little did i know someone at work has some connects.
done and done.
BOOM - suckas!!

i confess i am kinda proud of my treat bags for the halloween party at work and for the kids.
this is as crafty as i get people.
trail mix.  baggies.  free printables.  and a few staples.

any confessions you need to share?!
have a good weekend!!


Laura said...

Cute bags! Seriously, love them! Nice tractor pic too. :)

Kim Luke said...

lovie the treat bags. I have a free printable for st patty's day ones. last year i stuffed the baggies with lucky charms for l&l's party. eassssy! done and done.

I confess I stalk Phil's instagram ALL THE TIME because his pictures are so good!!! lol

I confess I ordered a philly cheese steak sandwich at 9:30 this morning. momma needed grease. lol

Anonymous said...

I gave up on baseball after the Cards were out so thanks for the TB tip! You know I can't pass up on some TB and it's free...I'm all over that!

hahah yes, that is a lot of party bags and tissue paper. You might have me beat, but that is only because you have two kids. Love how that tissue paper is so nicely folded :)

I confess the rasinets you gave me were white when I opened the bag. WHITE! I was freaked out. Don't worry I'll be calling them to send me a new bag.

sblind2 said...

I confess that I have no idea what you're talking about the free tacos ... please do tell! =)

I confess that I think I'm getting sick and if its going to happen I just wish I would .... head "kind of" stuffy .... nose "kind of" runny ..... sneezing "kind of" a lot. make up your mind germs!!

JanM ♥ said...

The costumes look so freakin cute!!! And of course the kids are too! I found you on the Weekend Update link up and I'm now following :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)