Weekend Wrap Up - and a Birthday!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up - and a Birthday!!

holy weekend batman!!
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fair warning - picture overload, family overload, cuteness overload ;)
friday night we headed over to the homecoming football game.
my kids became obsessed with the bleachers steps.  up and down and up and down.
PTL for the halftime show.  we caught a little break and Henry did some dancing.
at the end of the game we found a surprise - Aunt Danielle came home!!
we headed home, cleaned up, played and played and everyone crashed!
saturday morning country kitchen's house was calling our name.  so of course we went!!
someone was PRETTY excited to wear her new shirt to show everyone!!
after breakfast we made our rounds.
we found aunt rachel and decided to head to her house!!
stella was pretty excited to make muffins.
and even GGma came over too!!
it was the perfect start to our day!!
once we got home everyone crashed for a bit and then we were back at it.
we had exciting plans for the night to make pizzas.
stella LOVED making them.
and henry LOVED chowing down on them!
'seriously mom - i'm eating.  stop.'
no joke i bet homeboy had like three pizzas.  he was a huge fan!!
and of course it's not a weekend until danielle makes goodies!
and she didn't disappoint with monkey bread.  oh so good!!
we had full bellys and happy hearts.
sunday everyone was up bright and early.
poor aunt danielle can't do anything by herself when she stays the night.
S&H were both wanting to know every.single.move she was making and why she was making it.
hands down stella's two favorite questions:
what's that?
we finally made it out the door and headed to church.
after church we were gearing up for a pre-party for Nana's birthday!
we made broccoli and cheese soup, and those chili dogs from pinterest (ps - SO dang good!!), and smores.
everyone ate and ate and ate and then we headed to the pumpkin patch!!
it was the perfect day for it!!  it wasn't even that packed either - so yay!!
stella was obsessed with their playground.
henry - well he was less than impressed
lol - poor guy slept for a good 15 minutes.
and of course it's not TRUE pumpkin picking unless you go and get them yourself, right??
and we found the best ones!!
and then henry decided to wake up and get in on the action!!
and he refused to let go of that gourd the rest of the time we were there.  lol.
we headed back from the pumpkin patch field to play some more.
me and S&H tried for a photo and after many failed attempts we gave up.
i truly believe this is stella saying to henry, "you over this yet?  because i'm over it!"

lol - henry's saying "you read my mind sister!"
so we opted for a big family picture instead
and it was a HUGE success - i LOVE it!!
we headed back home to carve pumpkins and eat smores!
and call it a GREAT weekend!!

and now today is Nana's birthday!!
we won't give away her age.  but she's 20 years older than me ;)
happy birthday to the best and most fun nana ever!
i would say mom but then stella would tell me that's not my mom, that's nana.  lol.
thanks for being there when both of my kids came into the world.
thanks for getting down and playing with them.
thanks for dressing up on halloween with them!
thanks for always having cheese at your house to eat!
and going on many many many walks with us.
thanks for having a clean toilet - why stella is so obsessed with it we will never know.
thanks for having an extra toothbrush at your house so stella can brush her teeth when she gets the urge.
thanks for always sharing your diet cokes with us!!
thanks for having good popsicles and letting us make big messes with them.
thank you thank you thank - we love you nana!!
have a VERY happy birthday!!


Adrien said...

Love it all! Such a blessing you have to be surrounded by an awesome family. We like to carve initials in our pumpkins, too! :)

That's What She Read said...

cuteness overload indeed!

Cait said...

so sweet and cute :) great blog girl!

Kim Luke said...

love every single thing about this post!
love love love!

Happy Birthday Nana!! xo