So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What! Wednesday

so what! if i didn't blog yesterday.
my whole morning was spent at the doctor with ms. stella.
thought homegirl had a UTI.  not, just some irritation.
oh the joys of being a girl.

so what! if i STILL can't wrap my mind around how my daughter didn't pee for 18 hours!
yep - 18 hours.
she just kept saying it hurt, it hurt.  poor thing :(

so what! if this is a lot of talk about my daughter's bottom this early in the morning.
ha - sorry.

so what! if i was asked to take a picture wearing a new jacket for the store at work and then this is what gets sent out to the WHOLE company.
SMH - but come on it's a super cute jacket.
i think a deserve a free one after this.  lol.  damn photoshop.

so what! if this little boy is MORE than obsessed with his ba-ba.
i've tried every cup in the house!
i swear the second he figures out there's milk in it - boom i'm over that shit.
henry george - the bottle needs to go buddy!!

so what! if i have a crazy amount of monopoly pieces.
like it's embarrassing.
39 pieces so far.  oh man.....

so what! if i love failed family picture attempts.
is stella yawning in that last picture?
thanks sister didn't know we were so boring.  lol.

so what! if i've been sporting my glasses a good majority of the week.
my eye is gross.  and do you think i'm going to the doctor?
absolutely not.  ha.  ok ok i might today.  or tomorrow.
maybe we will see how it is by next week.
i did get told by someone that my glasses made me look striking.  ow ow!!  lol.

happy wednesday!!


Katie said...

hahah lookin good on the runway!!

So What! if you randomly ask me while Im searching through my purse yesterday if I have any McD pieces. hahahhaha

Cheryl Enlow said...

Bahah that jacket pic is too funny. Gotta love photoshop huh?! And yes, yes you should get a free one for that :)

Cute blog, you have a new follower :)


Melissa Cheek said...

Amelia will only drink milk out of bottles too! It's like she tries it out of a sippy cup and gives it a dirty look like it is the most disgusting thing she has ever drank!

That's What She Read said...

Ha! If only those monopoly pieces came on the Caramel Mocha, I'd probably be a millionaire by now!!

And that runway shot, I am dying!! So funny! Rock the cat walk!