Does That Make Me Crazy?!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does That Make Me Crazy?!

happy thursday pretty people.
this week has flown by.
i haven't even worn the same pair of pants twice.
how does that happen??
AND i went to the eye doctor.  i know shocker!!
the verdict, here's some drops, and sweetheart, please take your contacts out more.
oh and i have to wear my glasses for A WEEK.
guess who's not stoked about that - this girl!
whatever.  we will see how long i last......

UPDATED - monopoly pieces count - 46.
oh my - i shouldn't tell people this.
and i'm heading there for lunch in like minutes.  SMH.
there goes that 50 pound weight loss since i had henry.....

so anyways, to add to all this madness i'm linking up here.
better late than never right?
first off, i can't say this line without saying it in the CeeLo Green voice.
can you?  didn't think so.
and kristen i know you are loving this right now.  because it's your oh so favorite song.  bahaha.
maybe someday i will tell the world how awesome we are at singing 'God Bless America.'  lol.
moving on...

every morning i put on this like clear SPF lipstick, then actual lip stick and when i get in the car i still put on chapstick.
does that make me crazy?

i hardly ever wash my bras nor put them away.  there's a good chance you come over and ones just hanging on my bed post.  my poor sister's boyfriends.  they have probably seen my bras more than they ever wanted to.  whoops!
does that make me crazy?

i order a water with just about everything i drink at a restaurant.
yeah i'll take a marg and a water.
yeah i'll take a Coors Light and a water.
yeah i'll take a pibb and a water.
does that make me crazy?
(danielle i may blame you for this)

AND if i go to a restaurant i've never been to i ask if they have coke or pepsi products.
if they answer coke - i order a water.
does that make me crazy?

i have a freakishly horrible fear or losing people in big crowds.
like i am a hand holder, everyone hold hands, i'm going to turn around 3948298 times and make sure i can still see everyone.  it's horrible.
mom was i left as a child?
does that make me crazy?

90% of the time i drink my milk out of a coffee cup.
i have myself believing that it stays colder in there.
does that make me crazy?

i can't drink soda out of a can.  if i do, it won't even get halfway drank.
but if i go out, i'd rather drink a beer out of a can.
does that make me crazy?

when i see people out in real life and they are awkwardly watching me and my kids i immediately think 'does this person read my blog?'  and i get crazy nervous.
does that make me crazy?

i'm not ready for this little boy to be such a 'kid' yet.
he's my baby :(
does that make me crazy?

please help me rest assure that's i'm not crazy.
or hell, help add to my craziness!!


That's What She Read said...

if you're crazy, then that means I am crazy, because i order water with everything, put on 3 layers of stuff on my lips AND HATE crowds. So I guess we are, but at least we're not alone :)

sblind2 said...

I'm with you on the bra thing ... hardly wash them and never put them away!

I'm just the opposite with the coke and pepsi - coke all the way!

and YES .... yesterday after reading Heather's blog I had that song in my head and now I'll be humming it the rest of the afternoon! =)

Kacie said...

I do most of that stuff too!!! Bras, always on the bed post, I always order water with another drink, I am a hand, arm, purse, shirt, anything I can hold on to holder! You are not crazy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hardly wash my bras and I hang them on my mirror post. When people come over I go straight to my room to make sure one isn't hanging there!!

Henry looks sooo big!!

Im a hand holder in crowds and check to make sure we have everyone like 600 times.

Adrien said...

Nope - you're not crazy! :) But...oh my gosh I HAVE to wash my bras frequently or they STINK! Maybe that makes ME crazy. I have bra BO issues, apparently, haha.