Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites!

hellooooooo friday!!
rainy day and all, psh, i'll take it.
it's going to be perfect fall weather this weekend and i'm beyond stoked.
because my booty will be sitting at a winery; scarf, tall boots, over sized sweaters and all.
be jelly.

so let's get to business.
{favorite part of my morning}
texting outfit pics with my bff before 6:30 a.m.
why is her wardrobe so dang cute.
and yes - it was cardinal day at her work and mine.
and yes i think the baby on the hip is the best accessory.
especially one who is brushing his teeth.  and not wearing pants.  too dang cute buddy.

{favorite stella quote of the week}
driving to connie's this morning and she has her baby on her lap.
'mom can you turn that (the radio) down, my baby is sleeping.'
ohhhh yes yes absolutely, excuse me baby, i'm so sorry.
SMH.  lol.

{favorite new iphone find}
how cool, right?

{favorite e-card of the week}
oh i die - every.single.time!!
too dang funny!!

{favorite random act of kindness for the week}
last night while S&H and i were out walking we were given a pumpkin from one person and bananas.
yes yes we knew the people who gave us these things, but totally random right?
gosh, i love small towns!
so yeah nana if you notice a new pumpkin on your straw bales, it's from us!

my sister and the bf are off to their first trip to texas.
super sad - this is really happening :(
good thing i'm drowning my sorrows in wine tomorrow.
have a safe trip you love birds can't wait to like your picture on instagram.
'first time in texas ya'll'  ha.
happy weekend!!


sblind2 said...

Is that you or Abbie in the morning outfit pics??

Cassie said...

ha that's me in the first too and kim in the last one.

but looking at it, it totally looks like abbigail! crazy!

sblind2 said...

OK Good ... I"m not totally crazy! =)

Katie said...

Jealous of your winery trip tomorrow (and your winery outfit)! Have fun!!!

Your red jeans are growing on me. I am yet to them on you in person though hahah

LOVE the ecard!! hahahah too funny!

Lindsey said...

Someecards make my life! Love that one you posted ... Lol. How sweet is that Stella quote? Love kids and the stuff they say. Soooo presh!!!!

Kim Luke said...

ew. can't believe you blogged that nasty pic of me. lol

hilarious ecard!! seriously- they get me throuh some days!!!!