Tuesday, October 9, 2012


someone throw me a line.
i'm swapped.
work is busy.
life is busy.
my head is every where.
some good.
some bad.
who says i don't have feelings.
life is just wild right now.

let's catch up real quick.
friday night just hung out and watched the cards game with the fam.
that was a crazy game huh?

saturday i was off with my bffs to wine country.
we made seven different winery stops.
and i was uber trendy for the day.
ha - who else doesn't wear crew socks under the tall brown boots?
come on - you know you do.

sunday i hung with S&H all morning.
it was exactly what i needed.
henry is obsessed with getting in and out of this chair.
he looks like he is up to no good.
aka - let's see how boy i can be and either flip this thing over or rock it back and forth ;)
of course sister had to get in on the action too.
how grown up does she look here?
PS - even though it's like 50 degrees here, homegirl wants to wear shorts and a t-shirt every.damn.day.

speaking of S&H i think we have found their halloween costume.
OH I JUST LOVIE!!  i'm so excited!!

ok back to work!


That's What She Read said...

oh! I so wanted my little ones to be pebbles and bam bam last year but there was no way i could my 3 year old to give up being spider man ! Yours will be super cute!

sblind2 said...

I wear running socks with my tall boots!

LOVE the costumes!!

Chelsea said...

I have been feeling the exact same way as you. I just feel defeated... mayday, mayday. Sigh... I know how strong you are though and I'm sending good thoughts your way that this trying time will pass soon!

Too funny - I was just thinking about how silly I feel when I take my boots off. Most of the time my socks are mis-matched :) Oh, and that is SUCH a cute Halloween costume idea!! xo

Kacie said...

Love the Halloween costumes! Too cute!

Erin said...

I wear any kinda' socks under my boots! Most of the time they don't even match! ;)

Love the costume ideas- they look cute and easy! I need to come up with something for my hubs and I still!! YIKES!