So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What! Wednesday

so what! if i wasn't going to blog because i was still down in the dumps.
so what! if my mind changed when i remembered my birthday is in ONE month.
so what! if i think it's meant to be that YHL is going to be IN Chicago ON my birthday.
so what! if i've totally added their new book to my birthday wish list.
oh please oh please!
so what! if my day changed when these landed on my desk.
what, whatttttt!!!
so what! if i don't even use them and give them to my sister.  because she loves them.
like no joke you OWE ME BIG TIME lady.  i think you need to hook me up with something SOON.
i know you have connections girlfriend.
so what! if part of my son's Halloween costume was picked up out of the pet aisle.  ha.
and my daughter yelled throughout the store, bones where are you??  lol.
so what! if more than a few friends will be getting this for Christmas
kacie and katie - i think so!!
so what! if i had lunch twice today.  hey, i can't pass up leftover food from the hill.  just can't.
so what! if this plus NBC's parenthood is exactly how i want to spend my nights!
ps - did anyone watch parenthood last night?  holy tears!!
man i love that show!

Happy Wednesday!!


Kacie said...

Ummm LOVE that wreath!!!!!
Down in the dumps?? I hope that changes very soon! :(
Can not wait to see the kiddos for Halloween! Of course they are going to be absolutely adorable!

Laura said...

Dude - Seriously you have a cousin that is in LOVE with the Pack! Like for his 40th (in 5 yrs) he wants to go to Lambeau to see a game.

& yes Parenthood was :( I love it though.

Cassie said...

uh oh so you'd be like THE best wife ever if you got ahold of these tickets huh?

danielle dated a guy once who was from green bay area. i guess up there once you are born you get put on a list for season tickets. this was in college and he STILL wasn't a season ticket holder. that's crazy!!

but no joke that would be a SUPER fun 40th!!