Thursday, October 11, 2012


i'm in a super good mood today so consider this a fair warning.
maybe because for once i didn't put my hair in a ponytail.
i even watched mama l's video tutorial on curling my hair with a flat iron.
what, no pony tail AND curly hair.  who is this girl?
read on, i got crafy too.
i know, i'm still trying to figure out what happened.
i clearly know i'm crazy, really, it's ok.
it's why i go to therapy.
moving on....

currently i'm pretty proud of myself.
look at this masterpiece.
yep - done and done.  i made my kids halloween costumes.
like no joke, i'm super proud of myself.
this is what they will wear at my work halloween party.
but it will look more like this when they go out on halloween night
minus the kissing.  i won't make siblings kiss like my parents made us kiss.
ha - remember that sisters?  if we got in trouble our parents would make us stand in front of the refrigerator, hold hands, and kiss.  maybe that's why i'm NOT affectionate.  lol.  jk jk.

currently i'm looking forward to 3:00.
work sub appreciation party.
some good bbq and drinks.
yes please.

currently i'm LOVING the X-Factor
like i've never got into this show and last night i couldn't take my eyes off the TV.
and when did i get a girl crush on demi?  i kinda really like her!

currently i'm trying NOT to push send on the 12 items in my Old Navy online cart.
damn you old navy.  damn you!!
and then i get a stuff and save in the mail yesterday.
i will not buy anything.
i will not buy anything.
i will not buy anything.

currently i'm falling even MORE in love with CB
i mean LOOK at this
i mean come on - i die!!
you are too too good CB.

anything currently making you happy?!


Katie said...

Curled hair??! Whatttt?! Im thinking a picture of this is blog-worthy.

Look at you crafty momma!! Cute costumes. Are you going to be Betty or Wilma (isnt that their names?)

I'm loving the X Factor this year also. I have never watched it before like not even one episode. Now I just can't get enough.

Adrien said...

Good job on the costumes!! And I love all the pictures. :)

I think there must be magic power in curled hair. I haven't used an actual curling iron in using my flat iron now!

Meagan said...

I have the same exact problem with Old Navy right now!! AND I just got an email for an additional $15 off!!

Lara said...

I'm way behind on your blog and need to play catch up. It's a good day to post Max's 11 month post since he will be 12 month very soon...whoops.
WTG Momma! Cute costumes and easy on the wallet! Thats the way to go!
I want to see your hair too!