Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

hiiiiyyaa!!  sorry for being MIA.
let's get to the weekend.
friday night we headed out for a walk before it got too cold.
we ran to the store and scored the baby cart.
seriously IGA i'd invest in like 5 more of those bad boys.
i swear the look on stella's face when she realizes some other kid is using it.
we headed home for some play time, baths and family teeth brushing.
saturday morning we went to ck for breakfast with nana.
yes ck happens at LEAST once a weekend.
every weekend.
if you are ever looking for us, this is a good place to check.  lol.
after that we headed home and met up with the Luke's for the Pumpkin Fest.
or as Landon called it - the Pumpkin Vest
or as Stella called it - the Pumpkin Party
there was SO much for the kids to do and we had a great time!!
ha - too funny Stel.
Stella and Landon LOVED painting the pumpkins!!
if anyone is looking for a purple-ish, grey-ish looking pumpkin to add to their decor, we have a fancy one!
it wouldn't be an official pumpkin fest unless we stopped and got homemade kettle corn.
PTL the kids fell asleep on the way home.  i had the whole bag to myself.
once we got back the kids hung out with dad for awhile while i went to a wedding.
no joke one of the groomsmen PASSED OUT during the ceremony.  how freaky!!
anyways, after that we headed home and off to my cousin's 6th birthday party.
ha - oh heni.....
of course stella was SUPER excited to get to sing happy birthday!!
just a little after 9:00 everyone crashed and slept hard.
sunday we woke up to aunt danielle in town!!  yay!
we headed to church and then to mayestown for another pumpkin fest.
this one didn't have any kids crafts and clearly S&H were thrilled to be there.....
ha henry's got his foot propped up and stella doesn't even want to think about paying attention.
oh well, they were good sports!
later that night we headed for our sunday target trip.
and for the first time in almost three years i got peed on, in public.
yep, henry on my hip, peed straight out his diaper.
so you better believe we checked out with a pantless kid and a peed stained shirt on mommy.
i have no shame.  none.
we got back, hung out with dad for a bit and had ice cream.
no one wanted to get up this morning.  man we were all whooped.
here's to a smooth and easy week!
hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Laura said...

My kids LOVE the little cart at IGA as well. It sucks that they only have 1.

Jackie said...

Loreli loves that cart too!!! I told them they needed to invest in some more and one lady told me that they get stolen....GOOD LORD PEOPLE what the hell are you gonna do with them at your house!!!!!

Cassie said...

no way!! i just laughed out loud! how does that happen? seriously???!!! lololol!