Confession Friday

Friday, September 28, 2012

Confession Friday

a confess schess two weeks in a row.
that's right.
linking up here

i confess i can't get this song out of my head:
heeeyyyyy sexy ladyyyyyy
horrible - horrible!  i don't even like this song.
i mean i dance to it for like 10 seconds in my car and only sing the chorus (because does ANYONE know what they say in that song??) and then they start talking all crazy and it's off.

i confess another new favorite of mine is the new taylor swift song.
begin again.
the first time i heard it i was like, 'ohhh i love this.'
so i did the completely normal thing of googling it AND the lyrics and singing right along.
four times.  ha.
you know you do it too!!
i mean i'm sure in like two months i will hate this song because it will be extremely overplayed!!

i confess ms. katie thomas might be getting a special delivery this weekend....
it rhymes with funky fred.
bahahaha and it's heaven.  HEAVEN!!
AND if i win the giveaway from page 22 she can have that too.
let's face it katie, this hair doesn't get curled.

i confess i have completely gotten out of control with this monopoly at mcdonalds business.
i was texting ashley about it the other night.
e-mailing my family to save me pieces.
even my bff texted me her game pieces.
anyone else have any PLEASE send them my way!!
ayi yi yi -i need a life.

i confess nothing is funnier than when you and your bff text each other this picture at the same time
bahahahaha - separated at birth!!

i confess i'm hilariously obsessed with the new trend of recreating old family photos.
you have to check out beth's blog - she uploads them all the time and i can't stop laughing.
i think this one needs to happen soon!!

have a great weekend!
we have a crazy jam packed family weekend planned and i'm super excited!!
be safe!


Katie said...

I confess when I saw your blog post on my blog list and it showed the first picture of that guy (which I dont think I know what that song is) at first glance I thought it was Justin Timberlake's marionette doll. Weird?? Maybe a little. hahaha

I love Taylor's new never ever getting back together song. Im sure I will be annoyed with it soon! She drives me nuts!!

A special delivery for me??!! :) I seriously have no clue what it is. Im trying to think of anything that rhymes with funky fred. hahhaha
But I did get Henry's thank you card yesterday. :)

I LOVE the recreating the old picture idea too! They are too funny!

Ashley Mitchell said...

love me some monopoly! I entered my pieces this morning. I have 3 hotels!

Sarah said...

I confess I have highly contemplated video taping myself dancing pregnant gundam style. I bet I would get a million views easily! And hopefully go into labor HA!

Kim Luke said...

love the new tswift song. heard it for the first time this weekend. clearly i need to read your blog more often and i'd know about it sooner.

still cracking up about that ecard.

i confess (on a sunday) that i cannot freaking wait for our girls trip next weekend.
i miss you like whoa.