Golden Girl

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Golden Girl

one month from today my big sister will celebrate her Golden Birthday!
{27 on the 27th}
i'm extremely jealous.  because i have no idea how my golden went down.
10 on the 10th.  mom - any ideas?
shit even my younger sister had a fun one.
21 on the 21st.
henry will have a super awesome golden - 30 on the 30th.
ugh just another case of middle child syndrome for me.  always getting the shaft.
this is how stella celebrated her golden birthday:
bahahaha - it still makes me laugh.  poor baby.

anyways......sister believes it's HER year!!
life is just going to come together and it's all going to just make sense.
it's her golden year - of course it will.
(yes yes i ask her daily if she started drinking when she woke up.  SMH.)

SO - sister wants to throw a big shin-dig.
and if anyone knows my sister(s) they can decorate and party plan like it's their job.
again - why i didn't get blessed with these genes i have no damn clue.
HOWEVER - we need some help.
we need some "Golden" themed ideas.
and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone but Danielle joking said, we should have it at:
trust me i spit out my coffee too.
i immediately told her i would not be attending if it was here.
PTL she was completely joking.  but with Danielle, you just never know....
luckily she's settled on just having it at her place.

so let's see:
Goldfish - Golden Grahams - Golden Oreos
clearly people would go hungry if they just ate this at a party.....
Goldschlager - Michelob Golden
PTL almost all beers are 'golden' because i am NOT drinking goldschlager.
just the word makes me wana puke.

and this is where my creativity ends.  ha.  awesome huh?
my sisters can't wait for the three of us to start a business, i'd contribute SO much.
good thing i have you pretty people.
so start throwing out the ideas!!
erin - i know you are good at these kind of things.
adrien - you're a dang pro at ah-mazing parties!!
please and thank you.

Happy Thursday!
Hope your day is Golden!


Adrien said...

Oh my, I'll have to think on this one! I'm sure there are a million ideas. You might have luck looking in the anniversary sections for decorations, haha.

I NEVER thought about this before, but I've always said my 23rd year was the biggest year of my life, and my 23rd birthday was my golden birthday. Maybe there's something to it, after all. ;)

Laura said...

What about doing the invite like Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket?

Katie said...

My golden birthday will be my 27th birthday also. Mine is in 4 months :( Soooe old!!

Im also not creative so I have no 'golden' party ideas.

Anonymous said...

You can make the golden cupcakes. Wilton makes a sprays in gold, silver and pearl. You just ice everything white and spray it on. You can also use gold cupcake papers. The Deli Garage also makes Ess Lack Gold or "food finish" that you can buy and turn all food to gold, and yes it is edible. You can decorate with gold plates, balloons, mardi gra beads and napkins. For food there is Golden corn, Golden rod Pretzels, Golden raisins, Golden delicious apples, golden onion soup, golden layer cake (yellow cake), golden grams, golden coins (made with chocolate). If you are wanting to add color do a gold at the end of a rainbow type theme. You can use a lot of color with the lucky pot of gold. With that you can do colorful balloons and food and plates and such and have kettles of those gold coin chocolates placed randomly. Just a few suggestions for you.

Cassie said...

adrien - oh goodness danielle is totally going to think even more it's all coming together this year. lol.

laura - she totally e-mailed us this morning and said that she wanted to send those out as invitations. perfect!!

any - great thanks SO much for all the good ideas!!

Lara said...

This year was my golden birthday and I have never drank that much before in my life! Hopefully things don't go that way for Danielle. You need to make it golden girls themed...just throwing that out there :)

Nicole Hedden said...

Psssh, I feel ya Cassie... My golden bday? When I was 5! So not fair! :(