Life Is Good Today

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Is Good Today

i really wanted to title this,
'these are a few of my favorite things!'
and yes, i'm sorry that's now stuck in your head.
i know it's in yours danielle. you are already at 'bright copper kettles....'
anyways, i can't really complain about much lately, life is good.
so let's just throw out some good stuff.

first off - this girl came over last night!!
we waited patiently on the porch for her and everyone was so excited to see her.
my kids love her, i love her.  ahhhh everyone was happy last night!

and that cute little boy there, gosh darn he just makes me melt.
he just lovies his momma.  and he's just so dang cute.
but for real he's getting so big and growing up more and more every day.
ahhhh - i just love him!!

oh and this morning, something REALLY exciting happened.
i discovered that monopoly is back at mcdonalds!!!
i have a horrible addiction to this place.
it's not cute.  but my word it's so good.
i will win a million dollars.
i will win a million dollars.
i will need to buy new pants by time this is all said and done.....
damn you mcdonalds....

oh and have you discovered these shirts from old navy yet?
if not you need to get one.
one in every color that is!
ha - i do!  ok ok well not really.  i have two, my bff has two.
so it really is like WE have them all.  le duh!
but no joke, so comfy, so cute.  and for 19 bones.  treat yo-self girl.

and has anyone else pinned this goodness on pinterest?
i am a sucker for a good chili dog.
i still believe the catholic school had the best ones ever.  thanks to sarah and emily's mom.  lol.
but oh my word.  we are all getting together this weekend and there's a GOOD chance they will be made.
i know danielle - i'm sure you are so excited!  ha you just love you some hot dogs.  ha.  jk jk.

anything good you want to share today?


sblind2 said...

CUTE shirt...I must check them out, plus Mom's ON card is saved under my account...I never got my Christmas in July gift so she owes me! =)

I'm going to go stalk your Pinterest boards right now to find that recipe!! We need some variety in our house when it comes to ask brody and he wants: hot dogs (sometimes chicken nugs) macaroni and applesauce! every.single.night!

Adrien said... chili dogs. :) I also have a shameful love of McDonalds. Even though I'm reminded by my mother and mother in law every time that I'm probably pumping my body with some kind of poison. Oh well, have to go somehow!

Kelly Muench said...

Super Cute Shirt from Old Navy!! I will have to check those out!!

I have pin the chili dog casserole recipe on my board on pinterest!! Looks super good, never try it yet though! You will have to let me know how it is!!

I always enjoy reading your blog daily Cassie!! You Rock!! lol!

Have a great day!!

Jackie said...

Made the recipe last night and it did not disapoint at all...YUM!!!!

Cassie said...

looks like these need to me made pronto!

adrien - i will keep these in mind in case someone drops off some food at your house once that little baby boy makes his debut!

kelly - seriously you made me smile ear to ear!! thanks girly!!

Sarah said...

PLEASE make me those chili dogs! My mouth is watering just looking at it!

Also henry's mohawk is SO cute :) So adorable!

Katie said...

LOVING that shirt!! I hardly ever find anything at ON so I quit going there, but I think Im going to have to stop in and buy that shirt. Too cute!

That's What She Read said...

i am a total old navy addict!!