Past, Present and Future

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Past, Present and Future

completely random post today but it's all i got.
a little picture timeline.

of course we all know CK will be my kid's first job.
ha - i mean do they really have a choice?
kidding.  but i mean it's pretty much official now for stella.
i love it!  twins.
according to stella we will have to wear this to country kitchen's house.
yes she calls it country kitchen's house.

remember yesterday when i said my legs are crazy bruised up from getting in and out of the jeep this weekend.
sick right.
i promise it doesn't feel as bad as it looks.
PTL it's not shorts season and PTL i don't have to wear a dress anytime soon.

yes chelsea, i'm going to do it.  ha.  i know you won't stop reading.
bahahahaha - all of this is just a hot mess.
but i love it.  and i love the koester girls.  aka the 'sistas.'
and no we won't even go into whatever the effing thing is on my head.
oh my my - that's not cute.

happy tuesday!!


Adrien said...

I think you're right about our kids being destined to be friends someday. Ever since we went to Branson last February, Evie has called it "Branson's house." Haha. And OUCH - your legs! Glad it doesn't feel like it looks!