Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

that's my thoughts on STL traffic this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my word!!
PTL for Sirius satellite radio.  or wait, maybe not.
if i was listening to regular radio maybe i would have know to divert my normal route.
anyways.... i am still going to say PTL for satellite radio because without it i wouldn't have made it through traffic.  or maybe without Margartiaville Radio.  And Fins.
bahahaha - anyone else do the new iphone update and now they are obsessed with these things?
ha it's embarrassing i'm fully aware of this.  but it's hilarious.
and yes i have a friend named Kacie Jones, and yes she watches her speed.
bahaha - ok ok, i need more coffe.....
anyways, on to the weekend!!
friday around 3:00 at work i headed to the print shop to send some drawings out.
and next thing i know i quickly became the coolest mom ever!!
hello cardboard box house!!!  what kids don't love a good cardboard box house.
i have the best co-workers ever and S&H are stoked!!
saturday we had breakfast at CK and then i was headed to help jackie out at the benefit poker run in town.
oh my word i still can't believe the number of people who came out to support this family.
it's amazing.  it's why i love living in a small community.  i'm extremely humbling.
the poker run was crazy fun!!
however i learned a lesson the hard way.
use the door.  don't climb out the back.  maybe i'll take a picture tonight, but the back of my legs are bruised SO bad.  maybe because it was cold and my legs were numb so i didn't feel it.
regardless i am feeling it today.  ouch!
sunday i was off to work at CK and make that money honey.
afterwards we went on a walk with abbie and aunt lacie and then chilled the rest of the evening.
all in all a lot of fun and a lot of relaxing.  just what this momma needed!
hope everyone had a good weekend.
shit i hope you were able to just crawl out of bed this morning.
those chilly mornings, oh man, i just can't seem to get up!
have a good week!!
one week til my mom's birthday!


Anonymous said...

Were you on 55 this morning? I got on right before the accident. Sat in it for maybe 2 min then it was 80 the rest of the way to work. I had a hard time getting out of my warm bed this morning.

Jackie said...

Glad you came and had a good time!!! I know I did!!!

Kacie said...

This blog made me laugh....just like the text this morning! :) "Driving that train, high on cocaine. Kacie Jones you better watch your speed....bahahaha! Happy Monday!