Confession Friday

Friday, September 21, 2012

Confession Friday

good morning people.
has this week just flown by or what?
i'm kind of loving it!!
i haven't done a confession friday in forever, so let's get to this...

i confess.... i let my daughter go to Connie's today without wearing underwear.
but wait, no she wasn't wearing a pull up either.
just straight up free as a bird.  just shorts.
she demanded NO UNDERWEAR.
ha - like mother like daughter.....
needless to say the baby sitter was quiet surprised this morning when she took her pee.
and speaking of pee i'm pretty sure i can say - I HAVE A POTTY TRAINED DAUGHTER!!
we just wear pull ups to bed and that's it!  i just freaking LOVE IT!

i confess.... no formula for Hen and no diapers for Stella.
god this feels great!!

i confess.... my daughter has been obsessed with smells lately.
she is the first one to call it if something doesn't smell right.
and she says it in the most serious voice ever,
'mom, something stinks.  bad.'
90% of the time it's her brother.  lol.
hey he's a boy that's what they do!
but then again on the other hand she is always there to let you know if she likes the smell.
lately she tells me every day, 'mommy you smell good.'
awww - thank you sweetheart!

i confess.... anything that Grandma Steibel buys my kids is GOLD to them.
these new jammies for Henry, Stella insisted he wear.
and she remembers everything she gets from her.  it's super cute.

i confess.... i kinda really want a cornhole/bags set.
i know totally random but why not?!

i confess.... i got asked to go to my first ever college football game this weekend but turned it down.
i know i know, i've never been!!  who is this girl?
next year Danielle and Tate, it's a date!
awww, that's rhymed.  lol.

i confess.... i got a phone call this morning from a family member.
totally out of the blue.  but the sincerity and concern coming from her made me feeling amazing.
it seriously is the little things in life people.  you have nothing to lose.
call someone, tell them how much you care.  tell them how you feel.
it honestly means more than you will ever know!
thank you aunt rachel <3 p="p">

alright that's enough!
anyone else send their kid off today without underwear?  ha.
please help me realize i'm not alone!
have a good weekend!!


Adrien said...

Baha, I haven't taken Evie anywhere without underwear, but that is her preferred state of choice around the house. If it were up to her she'd be free as a bird every day...with no pants!

Oh, and she's obsessed with smells now, too. Usually on our walks. "Guys, WHAT is that SMELL??" Cracks me up!

Laura said...

Tad LOVES to go freeballin'. His choice not mine. LOL Definitely not alone in that department.

sblind2 said...

Congrats Stella on potty training! I LOVE that brody is, but I confess I still get butterflies in my stomach when we go out and he's like I gotta go - I PRAY there's a bathroom nearby ....
Brody always wears underwear ... he won't even run around the house without pants on .. wierd-o

Anonymous said...

I can picture Stella saying that "mom something stinks....bad" hahahahha

Love how happy your babies are in that picture!

chelsea koester said...

Hi cassie. I just want you to know that sometimes your blog gets me through the day!

Cassie said...

yay so glad i'm not the only one who has a free spirited kid!! lol.

adrien, i have a feeling stella and evie may be the best of friends some day. lol.

chelsea - how sweet are you! thanks!

Emily said...

I have no comment on the kiddo/undie topic BUT I love me some cornhole!! Brian just made a set for us not too long ago. =)

Michelle said...

hahahaha that is so funny about the underwear!