Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey tuesday!!
we seriously should ALWAYS have mondays off.
you all agree?
this weekend was crazy busy and i loved every.second.of.it!!
friday night i worked at ck.  got home and we waited for aunt danielle and not-uncle tate to arrive!!
S&H were happy to see them!!
we played and ate and enjoyed each other's company.
saturday morning we were all up bright and early.
tate wanted to watch some football so we let him be and headed out for a walk.
stella thought her winter hat and gloves were necessary.
henry's face pretty much sums up every one's thoughts.
'what is with this girl?!?!'
and seriously does henry not look like the walter matthau from grumpy old?!  bahahaha.
anyways, after our walk we headed to Eckerts!!
yes, even in the rain.  it didn't rain much while we were there though!  PTL.
we played outside a bit and then ventured our way through their facilities.
seriously i haven't been there in forever and i loved it!!
we LOVE aunt danielle
henry just being an old man and driving his tractor ;)
after eckerts we headed back home to relax.
everyone came over and we literally took like a family nap.
it was awesome!
(yes and ignore stella's eye, the red eye removal on my phone did that to her.  it's crazy weird, i know.)
the rest of the night was spent getting everything ready for the big birthday party the next day!!
nana's gift was put together and waiting for henry when we got there!!
it was a huge hit with S&H.  we are still working on the sharing part though.....
i think not-uncle tate got his fill on S&H until christmas.  lol.  poor guy!
the race track cupcake display was the best idea ever and such a hit!!
thanks again lara for letting us borrow it and suggesting the idea!
oh  yeah and the cake ordeal........
you know my kids LOVE the happy birthday song.  i guess only in the privacy of their own home.
once everyone started signing - henry was NOT having ANY part of it :(
first birthdays are rough.  poor baby.
but the tears didn't last long.
the first gift henry opened was a lawn mower.  and after that boy could care less.
while he mowed the KC hall, stella, lala and i opened the rest of his present.
all in all it was a great birthday party.  TONS of food and love for the birthday boy!
literally homeboy got the motherload - we need a bigger place!!
thank you again to everyone who came.
and a HUGE thank you to my family for rocking at just being awesome.  they are honestly the best!!
the rest of the weekend we played with all the cool new toys, ate tons of leftover party food, chilled and worked on sharing.  hope everyone had a great weekend!


Amy said...

Stopping by from the link up! What sweet littles you have! Happy Birthday Henry! Would love to have you stop by & say hi!


Anonymous said...

hahahahah LOVE the stroller picture.

I wanted to snap a picture of Henry crying when everyone was singing to him, but it was too cute to turn away from. hahaha Poor guy!! The first "happy" wasn't even out of everyone's mouth and the tears started. His little hands over his eyes :(

Lara said...

Our kids must be ready for the colder weather because Ty has been wearing his mittens everywhere for the last 2 weeks.
Poor Henry! Too much attention for that laid back boy. He is probably used to his sister stealing the show!
The race track looks so cute! I'm sure everything else was good too!

Kacie said...

You threw one amazing first birthday party!! Great job :) Such a fun awesome mom!