Friday Letters

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

i have a crazy mix of emotions today so bear with me.
good thing it's friday and an extra long weekend.
let's get to this....

dear readers,
thank you all for the henry birthday wishes yesterday.
he was just his normal self, chillin' all day.  lol.
but really he had a great birthday and is SO loved!!

dear ali,
today is your last day at connie's.  you are seriously stella's bff.
ugh i do not know how i am going to explain you not being there anymore to her.
ugh i just want to cry thinking about it!!  this mommy stuff is hard work.
and then i just found out another boy is leaving too.  ahhhhh my kids hearts!!
i know you two have to leave and go to school but man this growing up thing is hard!!
PS anyone looking for an inhome lady in waterloo, connie is seriously the BEST!!
contact me please!!

dear fall,
tomorrow is september first.
shit's going to get real.  fall decor is going to get busted out.  holla!!
leaves, scentsy, wreaths, ohhh i just can't wait!!

dear kim,
thank you for making me some serious jack this week with selling baby stuff.
one.very very very.happy momma!!

dear henry's birthday party this weekend,
you are just going to be so cute!
we have super fun goody bags, caute decor, balloons, tons of food.
yay!  so excited!!

dear zia's lasagna,
today at lunch, ohhhh i can't wait!!
nuff said - boom!

dear life,
i think things are looking up!!
:) :)

dear creative bent,
you did it again.
more amazing pictures of my children.
check out henry (ok and plenty of stella too):
click on children and families
password: henry
i love them.  i love anna.  i love CB!!
seriously how grown up does she look here?!!?
henry's thoughts on pictures.....
'you want me to stand up on this couch and pose for you?'
bahahaha thank you henry, your facial expressions are the best!!

have a good holiday weekend everyone!!
peace <3 p="p">


Anonymous said...

Seriously I not looking forward to pickin ip Ali this afternoon it's gonna be hard! It's hard to try to explain it to Ali that she will go to school every day and not Connies! Super sad! All we can hope is that we will have another to send there!!!

Adrien said...

I hope Henry has a great party this weekend!! Take lots of pictures. :)

I could probably comment on every single thing you wrote today - love this post!

sblind2 said...

LOVE the pics & Stella's dress (I want one)

The Independent Spinster said... should put Henry in red every day of his life.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww,your babies are sooo cute!

Katie said...

Those CB pictures are ALL soooo cute. There is not one bad picture in that slide show. Super cute! Stella & Henry are adorable. I'm pretty sure a guy I work with is wearing Henry's exact outfit today. The red shirt and plaid shorts not the camo overalls shirtless hahahah

Glad things are looking up for you!!!

and please tell me what <3 p="p"> means. I've tried to figure it out on my own. I've got nothing.

See you Sunday!!!!

Laura said...

Once again you have the CUTEST pictures EVER!!! Just love your kiddos. They are so stinking cute!!!

Lara said...

Stella looks so grown up and Henry is his cute little self like always! Good luck with the party!