I Need New Clothes

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Need New Clothes

what up!!
momma is in a GREAT mood today.
mostly because this should be the last day of blistering hotness.  ugh - i am over this heat!
temps for the rest of the week should be:
i think i can handle that.
which brings me to the fact that i can't WAIT for fall clothes!
i may be slighting addicted to some fashion blogs and wish i have even just half the wardrobe some of these girls have.  like no joke.  so here's just a few must haves i think i need to buy like...this weekend.

first off i'm crazy obsessed with this girl.
i could just take every outfit she puts on.
especially this.  that scarf.  those pants.  and well duh of course BLACK.  ha.
especially colored pants.
so let's start adding to my closet
#1 more colored pants.  do i even say print pants too?  yes yes, it's crossed my mind!!

and i'm pretty sure this girl is just the cutest thing ever.
lacie, her recent post has the black skinnes that we NEED.  see....
#2 black skinnies.  do these count as colored pants too?
no i don't think they do.  regardless, need - asap.  and duh - black!

of course shanna is just crazy adorable in ever.single.outfit.
i feel i need to add more dresses/skirts to my wardrobe.
but then i'd have to shave my legs regularly or try to control the crazy amount of bruises i seem to get.
and either of those things are going to happen, like ever.
but i do LOVE this dress.
#3 dresses.  ahhhh, we will see.  but at least ONE might need to be purchases.

this girl speaks to me with her style and money savings bits.
so of course i love her.
and these shoes!!
i know i know, FLATS, i ALWAYS wear heels.
word in blog land is that loafers are coming back in style for the fall.  just saying.
but i can just see a head to toe black outfit for work with these fun shoes on my feet.  perfect!!
#4 flats.  fun print or colored flats - watch out!!  who is this girl?!!?

ok ok and last but not least is this vest everyone has been talking about from old navy.
this girl can pull it off like no other and she's like my girl crush so duh.
i don't know if i dig it just yet.  it might be a try on thing and see how it goes.
sarah at TBC has me convinced in her different looks that i can do it.
#5 the infamous green vest from old navy.

PS - three of the five things on here are from Old Navy!!
i'm sure i could find the shoes AND colored pants there too.
looks like momma needs to head there pronto!!
two months and five days till my birthday, gift cards, i think so!!
anything else i need to add to my closet.
what are your takes on my clothes?
i know danielle, i'm sure you are STILL shocked that it's not black black and more black.  ha!
happy wednesday!!  cheers to cooler weather coming in!


Adrien said...

I love dressing for Fall! All I can think of when I see these cute clothes is "maybe next year!" :) I'm a shorty and I still LOVE flats. I think they're super cute.

Michelle said...

I'm excited for Fall clothes also!

sblind2 said...

I was scared when I heard the forcast blc I want new Fall clothes too ... but I'm at a new job, so my old fall clothes are like "new" for me around here - still wanna to shop tho ...

Sami said...

I legit stalked ON this week and finally got the vest! I can't wait to wear it haha.