The Power of Kitty Cat Underwear

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Power of Kitty Cat Underwear

let's talk about this cute face today:
adorable - yes.
(just looking at this picture makes your heart happy)
contagious laugh - absolutely!
can get you to give in easily with her little head tilt and smile -
good listener - most of the time.
potty trained - semi.
underwear fan - when she feels like it.
lover of Hello Kitty - well duh, Ali is so she has to be too!
SO let's add Hello Kitty + Underwear, and we may be on to something.
little miss knows what she's doing when it comes to the potty training department.
she goes pee all day long, stays dry in her pull up, will use a public restroom with no problem (mostly because she's nosey), but without a doubt shits her pull up
whatevs.  i can deal with the pull ups.
they are cheap.  she goes through like three a day.
but come on homegirl - you know you clearly only wear them as a reassurance.
so just about every morning me or daddy ask her if she wants to wear underwear.
her typical response, 'tomorrow.'
so on the pull up goes.
last night we had a h2h about pull ups and underwear.
you know serious conversations between me and a 2.5 year old on a Wednesday night over a cup of goldfish.
i was pretty sure i had her convinced that she should wear underwear to connie's tomorrow.
you know kitty cat underwear.  oh the power of the words kitty cat.
so this morning she woke up, i asked her, she said YES.
holy smokes!!  PTL.  life is good.
she goes over and grabs a cute pair, we put them on.  she doesn't like them.  FML.
so i suggest maybe we try a different pair.  great idea mom!  she grabs another pair.
on go the undies, the shorts, the shoes and we are ready to go.
ahhhhhh - this could be life changing people!!  so fingers crossed.
however homegirl isn't used to undies with shorts JUST yet.  you know because her and her brother are nakie a good portion of the day so if she ever sported them it was just undies.  nothing else.
she probably asked me a good four times this morning to "pull her shorts down" which i think i straight english means, 'i have a wedgie mom, get it.'  ha.
but i'll pick wedgies for her all day as long as she's not wearing a pull up!
ha - so that's enough underwear talk for a thursday morning.  lol.  sorry.
but fingers crossed!!  and please if you see stella urge the kitty cat underwear wearing.  please!!


Sami said...

Congrats to miss Stella! That picture of her is the custest damn thing I have EVER seen! Yay for undies :)

sblind2 said...

Go Stella! I'm obsessed over Brody's butt in's so tiny, but he's obsessed over something else now that he can feel it...gross (weiner touching) LOL

Sarah said...

Tough love Mama, get rid of the Pull Ups completely!! She will have no choice. It will be a pain the 1st couple poop accidents but then....she is NOT gonna like that feeling, so she will just stop. Prom!

Katie said...

Haha I hope it works! The wedgie part had me dying...too funny! She'll get idea to bribe her with pretty underwear! That's important to little girls.

Adrien said...

Go Stella! Evie would STILL choose a diaper or pull up if we gave her the choice. Luckily we don't have the poop problem, but man kids pee A LOT, and I swear we go through a bazillion pairs of underwear a day...the girl could care less if she pees her pants, haha. Doesn't bother her a bit. Sounds like Stella is doing great for her age!

Litney said...

gorgeous picture!!! future heartbreaker!