Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

let's do this weekend wrap up thing:
i doubt there's a soul out there who will envy my weekend.
ok maybe the boat load of dough i dropped shopping on saturday.
but it just happened.
i can't explain it.
i just couldn't stop.
and it felt so good.
friday - i was a hot emotional roller coaster.
finalized some paperwork, begged for closure, cried for hours.
let's just get past friday ok?!?!
saturday - S&H were off to hang out with their Gmas in Sparta and i was off to shop.
and my word did i.
ok, well let's face it, S&H got WAY more clothes than i did, but that's just going to happen regardless.
however, momma now owns just about everything i blogged about on wednesday.
leopard flats, that leopard dress, those black skinnies, some new shirts from Old Navy, new khaki pants and these shoes from Payless - yes bff i copied you.  of course!
of course i own them in tan and black - duh!  it was BOGO - i HAD to buy two.  lol.
and they are amazing - no more loud walking comments from people at work.
ha ok that's a stretch.  i walk hard regardless.
oh yes and i got all new pillows for my bed from the JCP home store.  like for real, nothing is better than new pillows on your bed.  very happy momma.
ok well expect for when you are pillow shopping and you get a call from your baby sister and she tells you she is MOVING TO TEXAS IN JANUARY!!!
shut the front door - more on than when i'm ready to talk about it :(
how i didn't head straight to drinking i do not know.  instead i headed to S&H.  they make everything better.
anyways after some much needed retail therapy i headed to show S&H all their new goodies!!
of course they weren't as excited as me.  lol.
then we played outside.  ok well stella played, henry swooped stella's drink and quickly figured out the straw thing.  homeboy is now addicted!!
and i'm so proud he loves grape!  ha, because i'm a grape lover and i may have whispered it into my kids ears at a very young age that they too will love grape as much as i do.  right danielle?!  lol.
S&H had plans for the rest of the night so i let them do their thing, i swear they have more of a life than me.
and then i locked my keys in my car.  FML.
i even have an app on my phone to lock and unlock my car.
but do you think i went through the process of setting that up?
absolutely not.
so yes, see what i mean, who is jealous of my weekend?
sister moving 13 hours away.
locking my keys in my car.
needless to say i went home and did nothing but relax.  it was EXACTLY what i needed.
sunday i was off to ck to work and made some serious cash.
then scooted out early and took S&H to layla's first birthday.
of course her mommy did an AMAZING job with the decor and layla was just precious!!
i can't wait to take a picture like this in another year.
holy smokes how did this happen so fast?!
after the birthday party S&H crashed and i met lacie for some wine.
sunday ended on a good note for the way the weekend started.
and so far i can't complain about monday.
stella was nice enough to let me have the rest of her mini bag of lucky charms this morning.
even though she ate a majority of the marshmallows out.
she was even sharing them with her brother.  but would only give him the green ones.
lol goofy butt.
AND when i got to work some precious co-worker let me a target starbucks coupon for a buy one get one free pumpkin spice latte (PSL).  bless their hearts i am SO excited!  like so excited i might just double fist it and not share.  bahahaha.  but for real - happy momma!!
now back to the grid and then off to enjoy a great night with S&H!!
hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Adrien said...

Aw, Friday sounds like no fun at all. Hope you're doing much better today. Praying for you! I've been doing a little retail therapy lately, and I finally got "the talk." Hehe. Whoops! :) Enjoy your kiddos!

Kim Luke said...

Ms I don't wear wedges now owns 2 pairs?!?!? they are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoe I own! and they are the best heels to wear while your drinking. i haven't fallen in them yet. knock on wood! ;)

Friday sucked. :( no other words than that.
head up momma. rememeber what you told me last week? you're too pretty to cry!

And look at that picture of how. How crazy fast this year went by. Lacie will be gone and home again before you know it!

Lovie you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life is shitty but keep your faith in God and things will look up. Sometimes things happen in life and we do not understand why but in the end God has a plan. Good luck with things. Love how you stay positive on here even when things go crappy.

Kacie said...

I don't like hearing you had a crappy day! I like the comment, you're too pretty to cry...that is so true! You are beautiful, have an amazing heart and two precious kiddos! You can take on the world!!
Shopping....ahhh, sounds amazing!
Texas?!?! Huh? :(

sblind2 said...

I stopped by Old Navy in Springfield on Saturday and I have a feeling they are going to be good this season...they are always a hit or miss with me!!

TX is a good vaca place! :-/