Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

wow-wee did our stroller get quite the workout this weekend.  and so did the park.
we were outside A LOT.  it was amazing!
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friday night was a relaxing one.
the stroller had two tires that needed repaired and now that they are fixed it feels brand new!
our night consisted of a walk, playing at the park, late night baths and some quality mommy and S&H time.
just what everyone needed.
saturday everyone surprisingly slept in a little bit.  PTL.
then we ate breakfast and headed out for another walk and some park time.
once we got back everyone got changed and ready for ashley's bridal shower.
out of four of us girls; kim, kendra, charlotte and me there were six babies.
ALL delivered by the same doctor!!
we totally should have gotten a picture, but like i said we had six babies, under the age of 3.
that wasn't happening.
we did manage to get the cutest picture of these two love birds.
my goodness they are TOO cute.
henry wasn't too excited about his first bridal shower.
but he was loving him some of this baby doll.
he wouldn't give it up for anything!!  SMH.
after about two hours we were starting to get some looks from some of the other tables.
i guess how dare us bring six kids to a bridal shower - whatevs.
so we packed everyone up and headed out.
kendra, faye and maranda came over for some more playtime after the shower and i think maranda remembered when she doesn't have kids  lol.
aunt lacie came over later and we got some dinner with her then headed for another walk and park time.
sunday everyone slept until 8:00 - holla!!
country kitchen was calling our name so we headed there.
the kids were GREAT!!  yay.
after CK we headed for our bi-weekly target trip and did some damage.
afterwards we just hung out and something BIG happened!!
ha - i'm about to be kinda gross, or maybe TMI?!  who cares....
Stella pooped on the potty!!  SO EXCITING!!
homegirl will pee like a champ on the potty but has yet to poop.
i may have freaked her out with how damn excited i was!!  lol.
to celebrate her big accomplish Phil and Aunt Lacie came over.
Phil has been on vacation and Stella was missing him like crazy.
she sat at the front door and waited for them to come over.
too cute!!  they just think Phil is the best!
once we had them worn out they skipped town and we headed out for another stroller ride.
the kids zonked out for the whole walk!!
this never happens - i didn't have to answer 32053209 of stella's 'why' questions or pick up a toy 320932984 times from henry throwing it over the side.  lol.  it was peaceful.
we finished the night with Toy Story 3 and everyone sleeping by 9:00.
happy momma!!
hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

That picture of Stella & Landon is sooooo cute!!!

Sarah said...

One of our tires blew out ahwile back too. We should have a stock pile!

Yay Stella!! Poopy Party planning time Mom!! :)